For Faculty/High Schools

  • Principals & Counselor Expectations

    Missouri Valley College asks that each high school provide the following services to their dual credit students:

    • Help inform qualified juniors and seniors about the dual credit program
    • Distribute the provided registration and informational packets to students
    • Collect and mail completed registration packets and down payments to Missouri Valley College
    • Certify the students are of junior or senior status and meet the GPA
    • Provide MVC with updated high school transcripts the first time the student enrolls in dual credit classes
  • How will Missouri Valley College help you meet these expectations?
    • MVC will provide instructor preparation conferences at your high school prior to or during the beginning of the fall semester at a time set by your high school.
    • MVC will conduct a parent/student open house at your high school to help answer questions and assist with registration.
    • MVC will provide opportunities for instructors to meet with experience full-time college professors and department heads.
    • MVC will provide sample syllabi for all classes.
    • MVC will provide additional support to instructors, counselors, principals, and students as needed.
    • MVC will handle all administrative responsibilities once registration forms hav ebeen received with the appropriate down payment.
    • MVC will provide all necessary forms.
    • MVC will provide students and colleges with transcripts.