Business Office

Business Office

The Missouri Valley College Business Office handles all matters related to student accounts, payment arrangements, student proceeds checks, Perkins loans, and past due balances.  It is our mission to provide exceptional service to students, parents, faculty and staff and support Missouri Valley College’s educational goals through the efficient assessment of student fees, collection procedures and receipting of institutional funds.

You can estimate costs by looking at our projected Cost of Attendance.

Payments and Policies

  • How to Make a Payment

    The following forms of payment are acceptable for the full semester payment plan:

    • Cash
    • Check
    • Credit/Debit Cards (Click here for service fees)
    • Wire Transfer

    Payment should be made in the Business Office, or mailed to:

    Missouri Valley College
    Business Office
    500 E College St
    Marshall, MO 65340

    Phone: (660-831-4106)

    You can pay and authorize automatic payments online here.

    For making a single and/or miscellaneous payment, please click here.

    Payments are always due by the first day of classes each semester for students that choose the semester pay plan.

    Please include your Student ID# with all payments.

    Receipts will be given for all payments made in person to the Business Office, and are available upon request for payments that are received through the mail.

    There is a $30.00 charge for all returned payments.

  • Late Fees Policy

    Late fees may be assessed each month on past due balances. The following is a guideline of late fees assessed.

    • $50 & under = $15
    • $51 – $150 = $25
    • $151 – $499 = $50
    • $500 & above = $100

    Late fees are non-negotiable.

    To ensure that you will not incur late fees, mail payments at least 7-10 days in advance (allow longer for international students), pay by phone or on our Online Business Office Portal.

    The complete balance due must be paid to avoid late fees.

  • Down Payment
    • In making the initial down payment, the student and parent or guardian accepts all conditions of payment as well as regulations of the College.
    • Every student must pay an initial down payment each year.
    • Resident – $500; commuter, online or graduate students – $250; (non-refundable down payments).
    • The $500 down payment is non-refundable. In the event of circumstances beyond the students control, a refund of the $500 down-payment may be considered.
    • The down payment must be paid by June 15 before each academic year.
    • New students will not receive their housing assignment until the down payment is paid.
    • Returning students may will be dropped out of courses if down payment is not paid.
    • Part-time students enrolled in 7-11 credit hours pay the full commuter down payment.
    • Part-time students enrolled in 3-6 credit hours pay a $50 non-refundable down payment per semester.
    • Students enrolled in 2 or less credit hours do not have to pay a down payment.
    • Students who audit classes do not have to pay a down payment.
    • Students with financial aid awards that exceed the cost of attendance may use that excess to pay their down payment by signing an authorization with the business office.
  • Summarized Statements
    • Student ID Numbers are listed on each statement and are located in the upper right side of the statement.  They begin the the letter “s” followed by nine digits.
    • Please have the Student ID number available when inquiring about the student account.
    • Student statements list both charges and credits as well as financial aid that has been awarded.
    • The “balance due” box automatically subtracts pending and remaining aid from the amount due.
    • Any outside scholarships that are not received by the last month of the semester will become family contribution and are due by the end of the semester.
    • Students must report any billing discrepancies to the Business Office within 45 days of the billing cycle.  Charges will not be adjusted or removed after the 45 day time period.
    • Student accounts must be paid current before students are permitted to register for succeeding terms or receive an official transcript/diploma.
    • Late fees may be assessed each month on past due balances.


  • Payment Plans

    Payment Policy

    Missouri Valley College offers the following payment methods for the payment of balances due on student accounts. Residents are required to pay a $500.00 down payment, commuter, online and graduate students are required to pay a $250.00 down payment (both non-refundable) each school year. The down payment is due by June 15th of each year.

    • Yearly Payments – Due prior to the start of fall classes.
    • Semester Payments– Due prior to the start of classes for each semester.
    • Monthly Payments – 4 payments per semester. Fall payments are automatically withdrawn on the 15th or last day of the month of August, September, October, and November. Spring payments are automatically withdrawn on the 15th or last day of the month of January, February, March and April.

    All students are required to have their balance paid in full or have a payment plan in place by the last day of the add/drop period. Students failing to comply with this requirement are subject to administrative withdrawal.

    Declined/Delinquent Payment Policy

    All payments are expected to be made on the dates specified by the payment plan. Declined payments must be paid current to the business office within 5 days of the returned payment. Students will be notified via MVC e-mail the day the declined payment notice is received. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure the payment is made within the 5 day period. Students will be charged a $30.00 fee for each payment that is returned by their bank, or by using a credit/debit card that results in declination. Students failing to comply with the declined/delinquent payment policy are subject to administrative withdrawal.

    Students with two or more declined payments during a semester are subject to being prohibited from having a payment plan for subsequent terms and may be required to make payment in full for the semester prior to the beginning of classes.

    Guidelines for Payment Plans

    • A payment will be deducted on an on-going basis until the student gives written notification of termination of this payment plan authorization to the Business Office or until the end date listed on payment plan authorization or if the student logs into the business portal and cancels the plan.
    • Debit/Credit card transactions resulting in declination will be subject to a $30.00 service charge and possible termination of the plan.
    • Notifications of declined payment will be directed to the student via email.
    • A returned ACH transaction will result in a $30.00 service charge to the student account. An additional $5.00 will be charged on an ACH transaction that is returned unauthorized. Two returned transactions may result in plan termination with payment due in full.
    • Please see this page for the full credit/debit card and ACH transfer fee structure.
    • Any changes to the payment plan must be made at least 5 days prior to the payment date. One change is allowed per semester. After that, a $20.00 fee per change is applied.
    • Any unpaid balance after completion and/or termination of this payment plan is the responsibility of the student.
    • Payment only accepted via credit/debit card or from a US bank account.
    • Payment plans are set up for the entire school term. Account owners and students will be notified via email of the revised payment amount for the spring semester.
  • Student Proceeds

    Typically on Fridays, student proceed checks will be issued to students who have a credit on their account due to excess financial aid monies.

    Overpayments may be picked up in the business office. Students will be notified via email when they have a check available to pick up in the Business Office.

    Credits resulting from Parent Plus Loans will be mailed to the person and address specified by the parent borrower.

    Credits resulting from other Title IV funding will be given directly to the student.

  • Online Billing

    As part of our commitment to providing our students with the best experience possible, Missouri Valley College has adopted online (paperless) billing to all student which will allows our students to view their most up-to-date statements on-demand, look over their financial aid, make payments online, fill out payment plan forms and much more. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the home screen below:

    More Billing Information: This button will redirect you to our student billing portion of our website, where you can find additional billing information if needed.

    Payment Plan Form: Clicking this button will take to you the MVC Business Office Web Portal.

    Make Payment: This button will transfer you to our secure payment processing partner website, where you can make a payment towards your outstanding balance anytime you choose to do so.

    Current Term Only: Clicking this button will take you to a different view of your billing statement where you can see all of your charges/payments and financial aid payments made towards your account for the current academic term

    Current Month Only: Using this function will allow you to display your billing detail or payments made for the current month only

    All Terms: This function provides our customers a detailed view of their entire account history, including payments, charges, adjustments, and other transactions for their entire history at Missouri Valley College.

    Balance on account: this is a display of the amount you owe without considering any financial aid awards or any scholarships

    Balance adjusted for pending financial aid: This is the net amount you owe after your calculating any financial aid awards and scholarships that are either awarded or pending

    At Missouri Valley College we are dedicated to providing our students with the best experience possible, we will continue to make updates and changes to our technological offerings to keep up with the demands of our diverse student body. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding this exciting step.

  • Withdrawal and Refund Policy

    Any student wishing to withdraw from Missouri Valley College must contact the Student Success Office to begin the withdrawal process and to receive instructions for the proper procedure for withdrawal. Offices included in the withdrawal procedure are the Student Success Office, Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid Office, Work & Learn Office, Business Office, and the Student Affairs office. Calculation of refunds or tuition adjustments will be based on the student’s notification of withdrawal.

    MVC Refund Policy (Fall and Spring Semesters)

    All students who withdraw completely from MVC are subject to the MVC refund policy.

    If a student withdraws prior to the beginning of the term, all payments except the $500 non-refundable down payment for residents or $250 non–refundable down payment for commuters, online students and graduate students will be refunded. When withdrawals occur during a term, there is a $100 administrative fee, and the refund for tuition, housing, board and miscellaneous fees (including overload
    charges and fines) is as follows:

    During 1st week up until last day to drop/add – 100% refund of tuition and student fee; room & board  charges will be prorated per day;  however, termination of housing contract fee may apply.

    During 2nd week – refund 60% of tuition and student fee, room and board

    During 3rd week – refund 40% of tuition and student fee, room and board

    During 4th week – refund 20% of tuition and student fee, room and board

    After 4 th week there is no refund.

    MVC Refund policy (Summer) All students who withdraw from one or more of their summer courses are subject to the following refund policy:

    8 Week Classes:

    During week 1 up until the last day to drop/add- 100% refund of tuition and student fee; room and board prorated per day:

    During week 2 through week 3- refund 50% of tuition and student fee , room and board

    During week 4 and beyond-no refund

    4 Week Classes:

    During week 1 up until last day of drop/add – 100% refund of tuition and student fee : room and board prorated per day

    During week 2 – 25% of tuition and student fee, room and board

    During week 3 and beyond- no refund.


Business Staff

Kim Enright
Collections Administrator
Paula Burke
Director of Business Office & Student Accounts