Business Office

Business Office

The Missouri Valley College Business Office handles all matters related to student accounts, payment arrangements, student proceeds checks, Perkins loans, and past due balances.  It is our mission to provide exceptional service to students, parents, faculty and staff and support Missouri Valley College’s educational goals through the efficient assessment of student fees, collection procedures and receipting of institutional funds.

You can estimate costs by looking at our projected Cost of Attendance.

Payments and Policies

  • How to Make a Payment

    The following forms of payment are acceptable for the full semester payment plan:

    • Cash
    • Check
    • Credit/Debit Cards (Click here for service fees)
    • Wire Transfer

    Payment should be made in the Business Office, or mailed to:

    Missouri Valley College
    Business Office
    500 E College St
    Marshall, MO 65340

    Phone: (660-831-4106)

    For making a single and/or miscellaneous payment, please click here.

    Payments are always due by the first day of classes each semester for students that choose the semester pay plan.

    Please include your Student ID# with all payments.

    Receipts will be given for all payments made in person to the Business Office, and are available upon request for payments that are received through the mail.

    There is a $30.00 charge for all returned payments.

  • Late Fees Policy

    Late fees may be assessed each month on past due balances. The following is a guideline of late fees assessed.

    • $50 & under = $15
    • $51 – $150 = $25
    • $151 – $499 = $50
    • $500 & above = $100

    Late fees are non-negotiable.

    The complete balance due must be paid to avoid late fees.

  • Enrollment Fee
    • In paying the initial enrollment fee, the student and parent or guardian accepts all conditions of payment as well as regulations of the College.
    • Every Face-to-Face Student must pay a $200 enrollment fee each year.

      • Online-Only Students must pay a $70.00 enrollment fee each 8-week session or $140.00 per semester.
    • The $200 enrollment fee is non-refundable.
    • The enrollment fee must be paid by June 15 before each academic year for returning students. Newly admitted students pay at the time of enrollment.
    • New students will not be enrolled until the enrollment fee is paid.
    • Returning students will be dropped out of courses if enrollment fee is not paid.
    • Students who audit classes do not have to pay an enrollment fee.
  • Payment Plans

    Missouri Valley College has partnered with PayMyTuition to offer an interest free Payment Plan to enable students or their families to make monthly installments on their student account towards tuition, fees and room and board. The payment plan is not a loan and is available for the fall and spring semesters for up to five automatic installments per semester. Enrolling in this plan requires a non-refundable $35 fee per plan.

    • Fall Semester – July, August, September, October, and November.

      • DEADLINE TO ENROLL AUGUST 10TH. (5 payments if enrolled by July)
    • Spring Semester – December, January, February, March, and April.

      • DEADLINE TO ENROLL JANUARY 5TH. (5 payments if enrolled by December)
    • It will be up to the discretion of the MVC Business Office if late enrollment will be allowed.
    • The payment plan will automatically readjust if charges are added or removed from the student’s account.
    • If you would like to add an authorized user to your payment plan, please follow the instructions below:

    Key Features: Missouri Valley Payment Plans

    • Enrollment Fee: $35 for each plan
    • Payment Method: ACH and Credit Card
    • Our vendor assesses a 2.75% convenience fee on credit card payments.
    • Customized Payments: Spread your tuition and fees over multiple installments.
    • No Interest: Our Payment Plan is interest-free.
    • Flexible: You may choose the 15th of each month or the last day of each month to process your payments.
    • Easy Enrollment: Sign up in a few simple steps.
    • You will have 5 days to make up a declined payment. If you have two or more declined payments, you will be at risk of being removed from the plan and payment due in full.
    • Returned Payment Charge: $30.00

    How It Works

    • Enroll: Pay a one-time enrollment fee of $35 to get started.
    • Make Payments: Submit your scheduled payments through our secure online portal.

    Why Choose MVC’s Payment Plan

    • Affordable: Break down the cost of your education into manageable installments.
    • Convenient: Align your payments with your financial schedule.
    • No Interest: Our Payment Plan won’t accrue interest charges.
    • Peace of Mind: Focus on your studies knowing your payments are taken care of.

    Step-by-Step Enrollment Process

    1. Portal Login: Log into Colleague Self Service 
    2. Navigation: Once logged in, proceed to the Financial Information Section and select ‘PayMyTuition Payment Center’
    3. Eligibility Check: Once you are redirected to the PayMyTuition Portal, you will see “ENROLL IN PAYMENT PLAN” if you are eligible to enroll. Click on this option to begin the enrollment process.
      1. If the “ENROLL IN PAYMENT PLAN” option isn’t visible, contact the MVC Business Office at: or call 660-831-4107 or 4106 to inquire about eligibility.

    4. Charge and Balance Review: Before enrolling, you can access a detailed breakdown of charges and see your existing balance. Make sure you’re fully informed of all expenses before choosing a plan.

    Questions? Contact the Business Office at 660-831-4107 or 4106 or email

    Need Assistance? The PayMyTuition student support team is happy to help!

    Call 1.855.663.6839 (toll-free) or through one of their local country contact numbers. You can also reach PayMyTuition Support at or through their support page.

    No matter what time zone you are in, you will have a dedicated customer support team available to you through live chat, email, and phone to answer any of your questions and help you make your payment.

    Missouri Valley College Payment Plan: Frequently Asked Questions

    • Are there any fees to participate in the Payment Plan? 
      • You will be charged a $35 enrollment fee when you sign up each semester. Our vendor also assesses a 2.75% convenience fee on credit card payments.
    • How do I enroll in a Payment Plan? 
      • Within the [Payment Center] select “ENROLL IN PAYMENT PLAN”. You will be prompted to confirm the plan details and the amount you wish to budget. After you input your payment method, you can review your Payment Plan Agreement and finalize your plan.
    • How can Authorized Users interact with the Payment Plan? 
      • A plan can be initiated by either the student or by an Authorized User. Authorized Users can make payments on a plan that their student has set up. Banking information is confidential and only the user will be able to see and access this information. Multiple Authorized Users can enroll in the same student’s payment plan.
    • How do I make changes to or cancel my Payment Plan? 
      • Students and their Authorized Users can make changes to their payment plan within [Payment Center]. You will be responsible for any balance due on your student account after your Payment Plan has been modified or canceled.
      • Students and Authorized Users will not be permitted to cancel their payment plan on their own. Please contact the Business Office to request for your payment plan to be canceled.
    • Are payments automatically withdrawn? 
      • Yes. When you enroll, you will be required to enter either a checking/savings account or credit card number that will be used to automatically withdraw funds on your installment due dates. The payment method you choose will be used for all scheduled payments.
    • Can I change my payment method after enrolling? 
      • If you would like to switch from one checking/savings account to another or switch from a credit card payment to a checking/savings account, you can add a new payment method within [Payment Center]. You can do this under the “Profile” tab.
  • Student Proceeds

    Typically on Fridays, student proceed checks will be issued to students who have a credit on their account due to excess financial aid monies.

    Students will be notified via email when they have a check available to pick up in the Business Office. If the student wishes to have their check mailed the student will need to reply to this email with a verified address.

    Credits resulting from Parent Plus Loans will be mailed to the person and address specified by the parent borrower.

  • Online Billing

    As part of our commitment to providing our students with the best experience possible, Missouri Valley College has adopted online (paperless) billing to all student which will allows our students to view their most up-to-date statements on-demand, look over their financial aid, make payments online, fill out payment plan forms and much more. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the home screen below:

    To access the screen above go to Mymoval and click on “Colleague Self Service” to login to your student portal.
    Student Finance: Here you can view your account details and make a one-time payment.
    Financial Aid: Here you can view required documents, your awards and request a loan.
    Tax Information: Here you will find the link to your 1098T Tax Form.
    Banking Information: Set up Direct Deposit for Title IV refunds or overpayments.
    PayMyTuition – Enroll in the monthly installment payment plan.

    At Missouri Valley College we are dedicated to providing our students with the best experience possible, we will continue to make updates and changes to our technological offerings to keep up with the demands of our diverse student body. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding this exciting step.

  • Withdrawal and Refund Policy

    Any student wishing to withdraw from Missouri Valley College must contact the Student Success Office to begin the withdrawal process and to receive instructions for the proper procedure for withdrawal. Offices included in the withdrawal procedure are the Student Success Office, Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid Office, Work & Learn Office, Business Office, and the Student Affairs office. Calculation of refunds or tuition adjustments will be based on the student’s notification of withdrawal.

    MVC Refund Policy (Fall and Spring Semesters)

    All students who withdraw completely from MVC are subject to the MVC refund policy.

    If a student withdraws prior to the beginning of the term, all payments except the $200 enrollment fee will be refunded. When withdrawals occur during a term and after the add/drop date, there is a $100 administrative fee, and the refund for tuition, room and board are as follows:

    • During 1st week up until last day to drop/add – 100% refund of tuition and student fee
      • A housing contract termination fee will apply for room and board charges.
    • During 2nd week – refund 60% of tuition and student fee, room and board
      • Excludes Class Fees, Lab Fees, Inclusive Access Fees and Fines.
    • During 3rd week – refund 40% of tuition and student fee, room and board
      • Excludes Class Fees, Lab Fees, Inclusive Access Fees and Fines.
    • During 4th week – refund 20% of tuition and student fee, room and board
      • Excludes Class Fees, Lab Fees, Inclusive Access Fees and Fines.

    After 4th week there is no refund.

    MVC Refund policy (Summer)

    All students who withdraw from one or more of their summer courses are subject to the following refund policy:

    8 Week Classes ($35 Enrollment Fee is non-refundable):

    • During week 1 up until the last day to drop/add- 100% refund of tuition and student fee; room and board prorated per day:
    • During week 2 through week 3- refund 50% of tuition and student fee , room and board
    • During week 4 and beyond-no refund

    4 Week Classes:

    • During week 1 up until last day of drop/add – 100% refund of tuition and student fee : room and board prorated per day
    • During week 2 – 25% of tuition and student fee, room and board
    • During week 3 and beyond- no refund.


  • Book Vouchers

    Missouri Valley students who have financial aid in excess of their tuition and fees and are anticipating a refund may apply for a book voucher. The book voucher will allow students (whose textbooks and course materials are not already provided) to use their financial aid funds in advance of the semester and charge their textbooks to their student account.

    Eligibility and usage requirements for book vouchers include:

      • Students must be registered for Semester courses, and have pending financial aid for the semester which exceeds their charges.
      • Book Vouchers can only be used for materials offered through Ambassador.
      • You must be registered at least half-time (6 credits) in courses pertaining to your degree in the semester you are purchasing textbooks.
      • Students must have all financial aid requirements completed. Please ensure you have accepted your aid and completed all additional requirements (examples: entrance counseling, master promissory note, PLUS loan application, etc).
    • You can view your Financial Aid checklist by going to your Colleague Self Service.

    Usage and Important Dates for approved book vouchers:

    • Book Voucher requests will be reviewed starting after each semesters billing is complete.
      • Fall Semester – Billed 2nd week of July
      • Spring Semester – Billed 2nd week of December
      • The last day to use book voucher funds for the semester will be our add/drop date for each semester.
    • Students will be notified via their MVC email account once their voucher has been reviewed.
      • Approved Vouchers – Students with approved vouchers will use their voucher with Ambassador through the Ambassador portal. Students can add their required course materials to their cart and will be prompted to use their book voucher funds at the time of checkout. Funds used to purchase materials with Ambassador will be charged to students’ accounts in 2-3 business days.

    Consequence of withdrawing from all classes during and enrollment period:

    A student who receives federal financial aid assistance (Pell Grant, FSEOG, Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Parent Plus Loans, Graduate Plus Loan) to pay for his/her college education has the responsibility to attend all classes until the end of the term.  For all student who do NOT complete all classes in the term for any reason, federal regulations require that the Financial Aid Office perform a “Return to Title IV Funds” calculation.  Funds that the student was not eligible to retain are referred to as “unearned funds”.  The student will be responsible for paying Missouri Valley College any charges that exceed the amount of financial aid earned and that must be returned to the government and/or lender.

    Please do not proceed with the book voucher request until you have thoroughly read all information above and understand how the program will work.

    To request a book voucher log into the Student Business Office Portal and click the link to make your request.

  • PCI Compliance Policy


    The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) at Missouri Valley College as a payment card accepting merchant.


    MVC Employees are strictly prohibited from storing, charging, processing, copying, or otherwise transmitting any data related to debit or credit cards, unless it is within the following capacities:

    1. Using the self-service portal as the primary and preferred option for students and other stakeholders to make payments. The portal utilizes a PCI compliant gateway to process transactions.
    2. When absolutely necessary to take payments over the phone, the employee must be using the IP phone assigned to them by ITS, disable any call recordings, and fully process the transaction while the customer is still on the line. Employees must not process transactions using a cell phone, or take note of card information to process at a later time.
    3. Employees must only process transactions using a secure environment. This is limited to SSL/TLS encrypted self-service applications, or secure PCI compliant terminals.

    Employees must reject credit/debit card numbers sent to them via email, text message, or any other digital form of communication.  Likewise, paperforms containing card holder or payment card data are to be rejected.

    Data Access (PCI 7.1.2):

    Employee access to data will be strictly restricted to the minimum data elements required to fulfill their job duties. Requests for escalating data access will be reviewed by the employee’s direct supervisor and the Information Technology Services department. Unreasonable or unnecessary requests will be denied.

    Business continuity and Backup procedures:

    MVC does not store payment card data on any of its servers. All PCI related information is stored in cloud servers provided by our PCI compliant payment gateway. Their PCI compliance is reviewed annually by ITS. All other college systems are backed up daily (full) and hourly (differential ) depending on the critical nature of each system. Back ups are stored in secure on and off-site locations.

    Two Factor Authentication:

    Staff members are required to have two-factor authentication enabled on their MVC accounts. Two-factor authentication is also required for their accounts on our payment processing portal (Braintree).

    Employee Account Termination:

    Staff members that process credit card transactions will have their access to payment systems revoked at midnight of the termination date set forth by their supervisor. They will retain access to email according to The College’s account deletion policy.

    Data breaches and compromised accounts:

    If a data breach occurs, ITS will notify all involved parties upon detailed analysis of the incident. Depending on the scope of the breach, ITS will conduct an investigation and will collaborate with the appropriate authorities in accordance with State and Federal Laws.

    Third-party vendors:

    Vendors operating on the Missouri Valley College campus are responsible to process transactions using a PCI compliant gateway, PCI Compliant hardware, or partner with MVC to utilize the College’s secure payment gateway system.

    Violation of this policy, other concerns, and unforeseen incidents will be investigated by Information Technology Services. Appropriate action will be determined in collaboration with the College’s leadership team. 

    This policy will be reviewed by the President’s Cabinet annually.

  • Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018

    Consistent with the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018, Section 3679 of title 38, United States Code, Section 103, Missouri Valley College will not impose any penalties due to the delayed disbursement of a payment by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs on recipients of Chapter 31 and Chapter 33 VA benefits.  Missouri Valley College will permit any covered individual to attend or participate in the course of education during the period beginning on the date on which the individual provides Missouri Valley College a certificate of eligibility for entitlement to educational assistance under Chapter 31 or 33, and ending on the earlier of the following dates: 1) The date on which payment from the VA is made to the institution or 2) 90 days after the institution certified tuition and fees following the receipt of the Certificate of Eligibility.

    Additionally, Missouri Valley College will not require that a covered individual borrow additional funds, on any covered individual because of the individual’s inability to meet his or her financial obligations to Missouri Valley College due to the delayed disbursement of funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs under Chapter 21 or 33.  A covered individual is any individual who is entitled to educational assistance under chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation, or chapter 33, Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits, and has been verified by the school certifying official as benefit eligible.  This requirement is limited to the portion of funds paid by the VA.

Business Staff

Rebecca Lea
Collections Administrator
Brooke Clemons
Student Service Administrator
Paula Burke
Director of Business Office & Student Accounts