Faces of Jesus Exhibition

Faces of Jesus

The Faces of Jesus exhibition is fully open for visitors. The Faces of Jesus is a collection of over 200 images focused on the figure of Jesus and his significance today.

Through the centuries and across every continent, art has reflected the personality of Jesus Christ. Portraying Jesus through art has served many purposes, from decorating pulpits and embellishing sanctuaries, to instructing the believers and as an act of promoting the message of the church. Christianity is Christ and believers understand Jesus as the central figure in human history. Christians affirm that he is God’s son and the redeemer of humanity. Depictions of his birth, ministry, death and resurrection were central motifs for artists through the centuries. How did artists represent such a remarkable figure? How did artists portray the fundamental events so significant for the good news of salvation according to the Biblical dogma and tradition? And how did the Christian message of love find expressions of art in different places and through different personalities?

To depict important events from the life of Jesus and to reflect on his central message of love in the Christian faith, artists relied on Biblical texts, visual traditions, or both. Jesus’ entire life demonstrates how to love unconditionally and selflessly. Jesus Christ’s universal message of inclusion, love, peace and hope is the main message of the exhibit.

The Faces of Jesus exhibit explores his teaching and message of love at the intersection of art, religion, and spirituality in the context of Christianity. The gallery is open Monday-Friday during business hours, and on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. To schedule your individual or group visit contact Rev. Paul List at listp135@moval.edu.