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The Missouri Valley Honors College promotes the full potential of highly motivated students and enables them to distinguish themselves through challenging, enhanced academic experiences, meaningful co-curricular opportunities, and close collaboration with faculty and fellow students.

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The Value of an Honors College Education at Missouri Valley

An Honors College education is certainly meant to be challenging. Its purpose, however, is not to ask honors students to do things that are more difficult than non-honors students are asked to do. Instead, the Honors College at Missouri Valley seeks to offer students opportunities to do things and do them in ways that will enable them to maximize their intellectual potential and the academic value they receive from their education. In the Honors College, you will be enabled to envision possibilities for yourself that you may never have imagined by:    

  • Learning how to read difficult texts, write analytically and persuasively, speak confidently, and think critically.
  • Appreciating the contributions that a wide range of academic disciplines may make to addressing complex and challenging real world problems. 
  • Receiving exposure to fine arts and educational experiences that will broaden and deepen your cultural awareness and competency.
  • Working closely and collaboratively with fellow Honors students and faculty mentors. 
  • Being challenged to develop awareness of the world’s needs and how your gifts might be utilized to respond to them.

The Value of Honors at MVC

There are many benefits to getting an honors education.

  • Professional development workshops and bootcamps
  • Field trips and hands-on learning opportunities
  • Student-led service opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with distinguished guest speakers
  • Priority housing beginning fall semester sophomore year
  • 25% scholarship for study abroad (maximum of $1,500)
  • Priority course registration

Admission to the Honors College

Learn more about admission to the MVC Honors College below. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Christopher Libby, Dean of the Honors College at libbyc@moval.edu or 660-831-4206.

  • New Freshmen

    The typical Honors College student has a high school g.p.a. around 3.5 or above and ACT or SAT scores (if submitted) around the 75th percentile or higher. However, higher than average scores do not guarantee admission and lower than average scores do not exclude one from admission. Every application is viewed holistically and admission decisions are based on an overall assessment of the applicant’s motivation and preparedness to be a successful Honors student. 

    Application deadline: October 1. The earlier you apply, the more you will enhance your consideration for scholarship assistance.

    Apply Now! 

  • Transfer and Current Students

    Current MVC students or students transferring with an Associate of Arts degree with a GPA of 3.5 or above at any accredited college or university are invited to apply for admission into the 2-year Honors College track. Transfer applicants who have been admitted to Missouri Valley and who have completed an honors program at an accredited community or junior college are guaranteed admission. 

    Application deadline: August 1. The earlier you apply, the more you will enhance your consideration for scholarship assistance.

    Apply Now! 

What do you enjoy most about the MVC Honors College?


The Honors College at Missouri Valley prepares curious, motivated students to enter graduate school and professional careers with confidence through enhanced academic and co-curricular opportunities that develop essential intellectual skills, foster close student-faculty collaboration, and promote curiosity and questioning.

Dr. Christopher Libby
Dean, Honors College
Ferguson Center, 212