Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals


Guiding students to succeed through personal instruction and intellectual inquiry.


Missouri Valley College will become  one of the most innovative, student-centric, and engaging private liberal arts colleges in the Midwest. Our goal is to deliver powerful learning and value growth through best-in-class academic and experiential learning experiences.


  • Compassion
  • Diversity
  • Social responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Accountability


  • Nurture a campus culture to embrace all individuals with compassion, civility, and respect
  • Gather a demographically diverse student body embracing differences in ethnicity, gender, culture, economic status, and regional and national origin
  • Extend access to higher education to students from all educational backgrounds with support to achieve success
  • Ensure high academic standards in all baccalaureate, graduate, and professional programs
  • Recruit and retain a dedicated, diverse staff and faculty well educated and current in their fields
  • Focus curricula on developing interdisciplinary analytical and communicative skills, historical and cultural awareness, and critical and creative thinking
  • Maintain a safe, healthy campus environment conducive to learning and research based on academic freedom, innovative teaching, and intellectual inquiry
  • Expand opportunities for applying academic learning in real-world settings and study abroad
  • Support extracurricular activities to develop teamwork and leadership in arts, academics, and athletics
  • Promote civic engagement through service to the community, special programming for the common good, continuing education for career development, and facilities for public gatherings