Dual Credit for High School Students

The Missouri Valley College Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Program is designed to give college-bound students an opportunity to gain college credit for courses taken while still in high school. Missouri Valley College courses are available at a significantly discounted tuition rate.

You pay $85 per credit hour for their dual credit / dual enrollment courses.

Missouri Valley College is a fully accredited college, so credits should transfer simply. Contact the college you plan to attend to verify that credits will be accepted.


    ART 201 : Art Appreciation – 3 hours. Develops understanding and appreciation of the nature of art and its historical development

    ARGI 100 : Introduction to Agricultural Business – 3 Hours. Study of the economic, social and political forces and trends that impact on U.S. and global agribusinesses. Overview of the global production, consumption, trade, and investment patterns in the agriculture food sector. Survey of the management strategies and decision making approaches used by industry leaders in the global food chain. Inspect the unique aspects of managing enterprises in the agriculture food sector.

    CS 119 : Computer Applications – 3 hours. Non-technical introductory courses for the general student to have “hands-on” experience with the personal computer. Students will learn keyboarding and mouse operation skills as well as the basic commands of Windows 2000, and how to perform word processing, spreadsheet, and data base operations using MICROSOFT OFFICE.

    ENGL 130 : Rhetoric and Composition – 3 hours. An introduction to college writing and the basic forms of the essay. EN 130 teaches students to read and think critically, to write logical, well developed academic essays, and to write in a variety of rhetorical situations. Students draft and revise essays that are collected in a portfolio. EN 130 students also compose a researched argumentative essay according to MLA guidelines.

    ENGL 160 : Literature and Composition – 3 hours. A continued emphasis upon the principles of expository writing and research established in EN 130. Students will utilize the process method to draft and revise well-developed essays. Students will develop skills for synthesizing primary and secondary texts in research papers, a close reading/explication and/or an annotated bibliography according to MLA standards. In doing so, students will examine the basic genre elements of various literature with selected works used as the basis for discussions, lectures, and student writing. C or higher required. Prerequisite: C or better in EN 130

    HLTH 140 : Introduction to Medical Terminology 1 hour. This course introduces the skills and knowledge needed to develop an understanding of the language of medicine and health care. This course will increase the student’s ability to utilize and recognize medical terminology through the use of medical conditions. Word pronunciation, spelling, and basic documentation are also emphasized through the use of classroom interaction and electronic resources

    HIST 105 : Foundations of American History II – 3 hours. U.S. history from Reconstruction to the present time including development of the U.S. and Missouri constitutions. This course is designed to satisfy Missouri State Law Requirement RSMO, Section 170.011

    MATH 165 : College Algebra – 3 hours. For students that desire more extensive work in algebra. Topics include: introduction to the Cartesian Coordinate System; graphing of equations, functions and their graphs, including linear, quadratic, polynomial, and rational functions; systems of equations and inequalities; matrices and determinants; introduction to logarithms; and applications of these topics

    MATH 170 : Pre-calculus – 3 hours. Elementary function theory, with graphing techniques and applications. Polynomials, rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and trigonometric functions will all be studied in detail. This course will provide a foundation for the use of graphing utilities in problem solving.. Prerequisite: “C” or better in MA 165 or equivalent

    MATH 200 : Introduction to Statistics – 3 hours. An introduction to the basic principles of statistics. Major topics include graphic, numeric, and algebraic summaries of data (graphs, measures of central tendency and spread, correlation and regression); elementary principles of sampling and experimental design; elementary probability; normal distributions and the central limit theorem; confidence intervals; and tests of significance. Focus on analysis of data using appropriate statistical techniques. (prerequisite is college algebra or a class beyond Algebra II)

    MUSC 125 : Jazz, Pop and Rock – 3 hours. Students will explore the development of rock ‘n roll, jazz, and American popular music and their subgenres through historical and theoretical analysis.

    PE 221 : Lifetime Wellness – 2 hours. A course designed to introduce the concepts of fitness and wellness in the areas of: cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and muscular strength, body composition, posture, nutrition, stress management, and other health related factors

    PHSC 105 : Environmental Science – 3 hours. Broad coverage of the environmental problems which exist on the earth today and a study of the ecological principles and approaches for the solution of these problems

    PHIL 100 : Introduction to Philosophy – 3 hours. An introductory examination of primary areas and arguments of philosophy. Topics covered may include, but are not limited to, metaphysics, epistemology, self and personal identity, political philosophy, and philosophy of religion.

    POLS 100 : Foundations of Federal Government – 3 hours. The federal system, constitution, executive, legislative, judicial and administrative organization. This course is designed to satisfy Missouri State Law requirement, RSMO, Section 170.011 regarding instruction and testing of the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Missouri

    PSYC 100 : Principles of Psychology – 3 hours. The study of human behavior from a scientific point of view, including research and theory relative to all the major specialty areas within psychology

    RELN 100 : Introduction to World Religions – 3 hours. This course is an introductory examination of several major religions and worldviews. Attention will be given to the religious significance of human life through discussion of a range of questions including, but not limited to: What is the meaning, the aim of our life? What is sin? What is the road to happiness? What are death, judgment? Students will be encouraged to broaden their worldview in response to the people, forces and things that surround us

    SOCL 100 : Introduction to Sociology – 3 hours. – An overview of the basic theories, methods, concepts, and issues central to the discipline of sociology. An examination of the relationship between social behavior and society.

    SOCL 232 : Marriage and the Family – 3 hours – A survey of the characteristics, issues, and problems of the family as a social institution. Topics discussed include marital satisfaction, conflict, mate selection, alternative lifestyles, and institutional change.

    SPAN 111 : Spanish I – 3 hours. Speaking, reading, writing, and listening with emphasis on pronunciation, basic grammar and culture. Students who are already fluent in written and oral Spanish cannot take this course.

Benefits of Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Classes

  • Complete traditional college core curriculum requirements while you are still in high school, thus shortening the amount of time needed to earn a college degree
  • Earn college credit at a significantly discounted rate
  • Take classes in the familiar setting of your high school

Availability of Classes

Courses are offered four ways:

  • Dual credit courses are offered at the student’s own high school taught by approved high school teachers and (on a limited basis) through I-TV (interactive television).
  • Dual enrollment courses are offered on the Missouri Valley College campus and online.


In general, courses are available to high school juniors and seniors with a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale and have a recommendation from your high school counselor and/or principal. You should have the emotional maturity to complete rigorous collegiate level coursework which includes completing work on time, following detailed instructions, meeting deadlines, time management, self advocacy and ability to think critically.

How to Enroll Spring 2024

  • Review the Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Handbook and Course Offerings with your parents
  • Talk to your instructor and counselor about enrolling for college credit and to determine your eligibility
  • Fill out the Inquiry Form:
    • Under “Student Type” select “Dual Credit
    • Under Campus Type:
      • Select “Online” if you will be an online student.
      • If you will be taking classes on campus or on your high school campus select “Face to Face Off-Campus/Commuter.”
    • Under “Programs” select “Undecided.”
    • When the Inquiry form is completed scroll to the bottom and click on “Take me to the Application!”
    • Complete the application. Select the same “Student Type,” “Campus Type” and “Program” you selected on the Inquiry form.
  • If you are a CONTINUING student and have enrolled in Missouri Valley College classes in the past,  you will not need to do the online application. You will only need to fill out the registration form.
  • Give your completed registration form to your counselor along with a down payment of $255.00.