Institutional Effectiveness & Planning

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning oversees campus-wide assessment efforts, strategic planning, and accreditation processes. Working collaboratively with faculty and staff, the office uses the information and data gathered through these processes to inform institutional decision making, program development, and quality improvement initiatives. The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Missouri Valley College has been granted conditional approval by the Missouri State Board of Nursing, 3605 Missouri Blvd, Jefferson City, MO 65109.

  • Our Mission & Vision

    Guiding students to succeed through personal instruction and intellectual inquiry.

    Known for its dynamic, richly diverse, and friendly educational environment, Missouri Valley College offers many opportunities to grow in mind, body, and spirit. Faculty are personally and professionally engaged in preparing thoughtful citizens for meaningful lives and careers. Grounded in the liberal arts, undergraduate and graduate studies empower students to master interdisciplinary skills needed to succeed in a knowledge-based global society. Stewardship of resources will sustain innovative teaching to stimulate critical thinking, creativity, aesthetic appreciation, and the joys of lifelong learning.

  • Our Values
    • Compassion
    • Diversity
    • Social responsibility
    • Integrity
    • Accountability
  • Our Goals
    • Nurture a campus culture to embrace all individuals with compassion, civility, and respect
    • Gather a demographically diverse student body embracing differences in ethnicity, gender, culture, economic status, and regional and national origin
    • Extend access to higher education to students from all educational backgrounds with support to achieve success
    • Ensure high academic standards in all baccalaureate, graduate, and professional programs
    • Recruit and retain a dedicated, diverse staff and faculty well educated and current in their fields
    • Focus curricula on developing interdisciplinary analytical and communicative skills, historical and cultural awareness, and critical and creative thinking
    • Maintain a safe, healthy campus environment conducive to learning and research based on academic freedom, innovative teaching, and intellectual inquiry
    • Expand opportunities for applying academic learning in real-world settings and study abroad
    • Support extracurricular activities to develop teamwork and leadership in arts, academics, and athletics
    • Promote civic engagement through service to the community, special programming for the common good, continuing education for career development, and facilities for public gatherings
  • 2017-2022 Strategic Plan
  • Accreditation Information

    Our Education programs are accredited by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

    The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Missouri Valley College is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education ( K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington DC 20001, (202)887-6791.

    Missouri Valley College has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

    • Professional Licensure Disclosure

      MVC is required to provide students pursuing a degree that may lead to a professional licensure, information regarding whether our degree program meets the requirements for the state you may consider practicing in. If our program does not meet your state requirements, we are required to provide that information to you as soon as we become aware of that situation. We are in the process of collecting this information for each of our professional degree programs, and will provide updates to this web page. Until that process is completed, please review the listing of the more common licensure boards.

      A wide variety of individual courses, as well as several undergraduate degree programs are available online. Choose the best fit for your educational and career goals, and enroll in one course per term, or up to a full-time course load.

      Below is a list of MVC degree programs which may lead to a professional licensure:

      Education (Graduate / Undergraduate)
      Nursing (Undergraduate)
      Nursing (Graduate)
      Counseling (Graduate)


    The Nursing program has conditional approval by the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

  • Retention, Graduation, and Licensure Rate
    • Retention, Graduation, and Licensure Pass Rates
      Retention Rates First-Time Full-Time Students (Undergraduate)
      2019-2020  49%
      2018-2019 42%
      2017-2018 44%
      2016 – 2017 45%
      2015 – 2016 43%


      Retention Rates Graduate   (Internal Measurement)
      2019-2020  83%
      2018-2019 50% * Cohort less than or equal to 5 students
      2017-2018 100%
      2016 – 2017 75% * Cohort less than or equal to 5 students
      2015 – 2016 80% * Cohort less than or equal to 5 students


      Graduation Rates—First-Time Full-Time Students (Undergraduate)
      Cohort 4-year 6-year
      Fall 2016 14.60%   *IPEPS Release Pending
      Fall 2015 16.40%   *IPEPS Release Pending
      Fall 2014 12% 23% *IPEPS Release Pending
      Fall 2013 11.40% 21%
      Fall 2012 12.90% 27%
      Fall 2011 15.10% 28.50%


      Graduation Rates—Graduate Students   (internal Measurement)
      Year 2 Year 3 Year
      Fall 18 100% 100% * Cohort less than or equal to 5 students
      Fall 17 100% 100%
      Fall 16 50% 75% * Cohort less than or equal to 5 students
      Fall 15 83% 83% * Cohort less than or equal to 5 students

      Licensure, Certification, and Registration Rates


      Cohort Recommended to Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for Certification
      2020 100%
      2019 100%
      2018 100%
      2017 100%
      2016 100%


      Graduation Year First Time Pass Rate NCLEX Licensure Exam % Overall Pass Rate
      2020 75% 75%
      2019 66.7% 66.7%
      2018 100% 100%
      2017 No cohort this year No cohort this year
      2016 100% 100%

      Masters of Arts, Community Counseling

      Cohort National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCER) Exam First-Time Pass Rate
      2019-2020 67%
      2018-2019 82%
      2017-2018 83%
      2016-2017 90%
      2015-2016 100%