Student Success

The Student Success Center (SSC) mission is to empower you and provide resources to support your academic success, personal growth, and career development.

To support our mission, the SSC staff builds meaningful relationships with you, faculty, staff, and the community to provide quality orientation, advising, career counseling, personal support, academic support, and programming in a welcoming atmosphere that embraces diversity and inclusion.

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  • Accessibility and Disability Services

    An integral part of the SSC team is our Accessibility and Disability Coordinator. Current and prospective students with learning and attention issues will find an inclusive learning environment that is equipped to accommodate a diverse range of needs and learning styles.

  • Advising Vikings

    A pillar of the SSC is the Advising Vikings platform. Advising Vikings creates a one-on-one relationship between you and a faculty or staff advisor. This is an effort to promote student success by empowering undergraduate students to take responsibility for achieving academic goals. Effective academic advising enhances life for students by increasing student retention, promoting student success, and strengthening graduation rates.

    Academic Advising

    Faculty and SSC Advisors assist you with the development of a four-year educational plan that mirrors the MVC curriculum calendar, professional aspirations, and personal goals. In addition, SSC Advisors serve as an educational and developmental hub to provide supplemental resources and support for you. We are committed to providing an atmosphere where you are encouraged to reach greater academic performance and personal achievements.

    Alert Systems

    The SSC employs various accountability systems. Alert systems for academic performance and attendance will notify you of potential problems and teach you why performance changes should be made, how to implement strategies for success, and how to take advantage of available resources.

  • First Generation College Students

    The SSC welcomes first generation college students and encourages them on their paths to become the first person in their family to graduate from college. The SSC provides resources to students and families from pre-enrollment through graduation and beyond and help them to navigate college and career processes.

  • Blosser Program

    The Blosser Program extends educational and personal developmental opportunities to qualified, dedicated applicants who may have experienced challenges related to readiness for the college experience. Students in the Blosser Program are provided with a living and learning community supported by onsite academic support opportunities, technological resources, and encouragement for personal and social growth.

  • Transfer Students

    As a transfer student, you are welcomed into the MVC family. The SSC helps you develop relationships, ease into our campus structure and diverse culture, and become involved through unique orientation activities and ongoing helpful programming.

  • Commuter Students

    The SSC assists you, as a commuter student, to develop relationships, become involved and be a vital part of the campus community. You are served with special programming, resources, and advising to help you participate in the full college experience.

  • Career Planning

    The SSC helps you jump start your career by providing information and contacts regarding networking, internships, job shadowing, and job opportunities. You receive guidance and support to gain purposeful employment and career enhancement pre-graduation and post graduation. The SSC provides seminar and workshops to prepare young professionals for the workforce. In addition, one-on-one consultation with our MVC Career Planner is available for current students and recent graduates to identify and implement career goals.

    Viking Career Resources

    Employer Resources

    • Alumni Outreach Program
    • Career Fair
    • Department Contacts
    • Hire MoVal
    • Online Job Board
  • International Student Success

    MVC is proud of the diverse range of students who enrich our community. Through our academic and student life programming geared to support international students, MVC embraces cultural differences, active learning, and inclusivity.

  • Murrell Library and The Learning Center

    The SSC encourages you to engage and utilize the valuable learning resources MVC offers. Murrell Library provides access to critical educational resources needed for academic success. To supplement the on-campus library resources, The Learning Center offers a full-service learning environment including free tutoring and supplemental instruction. The Learning Center Staff provides individual student attention, geared to developing strategies for academic progress, based on the students’ individual learning styles.

Meet the SSC Staff

Jashawna Terry
Academic Advisor
Gabriela Morales
Director of Student Success
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Beth McCrary
Career Planner
Kevin Gasser
Dual Credit & Enrollment Coordinator
Academic Advisor
Debbie Coleman
Director of Accessibility & Disability Services
Elizabeth Bellamy
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dean of Graduate Students

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