Student & Alumni Profiles


Ralitsa Wierson

Master of Arts in Community Counseling
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Britny Fernandes

Studio Art
I enjoy studying at MVC because it is a very friendly environment and everyone is willing to help you with anything you need or may be going through. It is a small town and college but it comes with big opportunities, like having my artwork on display at the Griot museum. All of the professors believe in you and never discourage your dreams.
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Anthony Lagrin

Finance & Economics
I have met so many people from all over the world and have built strong friendships. The staff, teachers and coaches are really nice and helpful and I have never felt judged because I am from a different country.
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Charlique Rolle

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Gabi Musallam

Criminal Justice
My parents were very supportive, but there were just a lot of things that they couldn’t understand, like paperwork and some processes. Being on the wrestling team helped a lot. My teammates helped me with things that I didn’t know how to do myself. It was also nice that the college took notice of students who worked hard, it made me want to work even harder.
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Brittany Decavele

Exercise Science
Missouri Valley College offers a hands on learning experience in Exercise Science. With small class sizes, a large student athlete population and well educated, caring teachers you can find yourself excelling beyond peers at other universities.
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Ashley McKay

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Elias Melly

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Patsy Middleton-Arribas

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Hilton Peeples

I loved my time at Missouri Valley College and I am so grateful for the real world experience I gained from the amazing marketing professors and from the incredible people involved in the rodeo program. I am so thankful that I got to go to a college where I was more than an attendance number.
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Jonathan David Geiger

Nonprofit Management
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Twyla Reid

Veterinary school requires such well-rounded individuals, working in a vet clinic for my internship was beneficial. At Missouri Valley, I also had the opportunity to learn, while helping to teach other students.
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