Alumni Feature

Gabi Musallam '15
Criminal Justice
My parents were very supportive, but there were just a lot of things that they couldn’t understand, like paperwork and some processes. Being on the wrestling team helped a lot. My teammates helped me with things that I didn’t know how to do myself. It was also nice that the college took notice of students who worked hard, it made me want to work even harder.

A San Diego native, Gabi Musallam chose Missouri Valley for its diverse culture and competitive athletics. Gabi majored in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology and he is currently earning his master’s degree. He hopes to have a career in juvenile corrections, with the dream of developing a Restart Program for juveniles. Finding community at Valley was important for Gabi and his fellow students and teammates made him feel at home. Gabi took advantage of on-campus resources such as the Student Success Center and the Learning Center which were extremely helpful in helping him meet his academic goals. His senior year, he was included in the Student Leader Dinner during Convocation, a noteworthy accomplishment.