Student Profiles


Katie Montini

My favorite part about presenting at the SRS is being able to share the research that I have been working so hard on with my friends and professors as well as the campus community. I would encourage other students to take advantage of the opportunity to present at the Student Research Symposium because in addition to gaining experience presenting it's a really good way to show off and celebrate some of your hard work each semester.
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Makayla Rodgers

The thing I like most about Missouri Valley College is the sense of community that it gives, being a smaller school i feel that people are more likely to intermingle and have the opportunity to get involved in areas that they may have not been able to explore at a bigger university. Getting experience outside of activities strictly within your major is a great way to explore your interests and maybe even build your resume
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Kaylee Hering

I love Missouri Valley because it feels like home. All of my professors have been really supportive of my goals. The friends I have made here have already become family to me. I couldn't have asked for a more inclusive experience!
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Delaney Umholtz

Exercise Science
Being a part of the MVC atmosphere is amazing, especially in the exercise science department. I personally enjoy the opportunities for hands on learning in many of the exercise science courses. Having the opportunity to practice what I will use in my future career is a game changer. The exercise science department also allows senior students to work one on one with a client to apply all the information and knowledge they have gained throughout their time at Valley. I have gained first hand physical therapy experience at my health promotion internship; while gaining observation hours for my PT application. Valley has opened numerous doors for myself and for my future, and for that I am forever grateful.
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Corey Perron

What I like most about Missouri Valley is the smaller atmosphere with a lot of activities and events going on.
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Amber Newsom

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Lauren Hare

After switching colleges three times, I finally ​chose MVC and could not be happier with my decision. The marketing program is fantastic as Professor Fuller works hard to share all of his prior knowledge of marketing with students in a short time.
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Victor Reveles

The program at MVC does an exceptional  job illustrating and highlighting the dynamics of how psychology is present in many contexts of our everyday lives. The faculty here are dedicated, ambitious, experienced, motivated, and passionate which are all attributes that are passed down to aspiring psychologists. As a student who has found success in the psych program, I don’t regret my decision in choosing psychology as a career.
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Lindsey McMillan

The best thing about being an English major at Valley is that the student body is small so you get to work one-on-one with the professors.
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Isaac Smith

Criminal Justice
I greatly appreciate the environment that Missouri Valley College provides to each student. Classes are small, allowing each student to build meaningful relationships with their professors. These relationships have propelled my education forward significantly.
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Britny Fernandes

Studio Art
I enjoy studying at MVC because it is a very friendly environment and everyone is willing to help you with anything you need or may be going through. It is a small town and college but it comes with big opportunities, like having my artwork on display at the Griot museum. All of the professors believe in you and never discourage your dreams.
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Anthony Lagrin

Finance & Economics
I have met so many people from all over the world and have built strong friendships. The staff, teachers and coaches are really nice and helpful and I have never felt judged because I am from a different country.
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