College graduates with a degree in history have valuable skills to sell in today’s job market; they know how to do research and gather information, write well, analyze facts, and make sense of change and trends. This is useful in a variety of fields, including journalism, law, business, politics, teaching, and writing. A degree in history is also a great place to start if you want to pursue a master’s degree in law, journalism, archival science, librarianship, teaching, and, of course, history.

Why a degree in History from Missouri Valley?

The MVC history program is an integral part of the college’s liberal arts mission that focuses on scholarship, intellectual inquiry and academic excellence. Knowledge of history allows you to exercise intelligently the values of compassion, diversity, social responsibility, integrity and accountability. The program is demanding; sharpening your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills and exposing you to a wide range of cultural, economic, political and social issues and ideas. By learning about historical circumstances, choices, actions, and events, you’ll place your own experiences in a historic context and learn to analyze the choices you face.

Career Possibilities

  • Teacher
  • Politician
  • Archivist
  • Government Employee
  • Researcher
  • Journalist

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • Law School
  • Public Administration
  • History


Bachelors of Science in History

You will become historically aware through exposure to factual material in the areas of history, political science, sociology, psychology and philosophy. Through these courses you will master historical knowledge about people, events, nations, ideas, and circumstances around the globe and throughout time.

Major Checklist for History

Minor in History

A minor in history is valuable asset if you’re interested in law school and/or careers in criminal justice careers, teaching and more. The minor requirements include 21 hours in history courses covering a wide range of topics that will help you analyze broad historical trends and their significance.

Minor Checklist for History

Admissions & Scholarships

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History Beyond the Classroom

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