Sociology is the scientific study of how people behave as social groups; how they interact with others in society; and how society operates to shape and impact our lives. It is an exciting field of study that at once helps us to understand society, and endow us with knowledge and social skills that can be applied to succeed in  numerous satisfying careers in contemporary society.

Why a degree in Sociology from Missouri Valley?

We offer a wholesome curriculum with the aim of providing you with a comprehensive and solid foundation in the field because nearly everything in the ordinary business of life is connected to sociology. Through our program you’ll develop skills that are applicable to many fields, including critical thinking and inquiry, research methodology and analytical and problem-solving skills. MVC’s liberal arts background allows you to further develop and practice their skill set in other coursework.

Career Possibilities

  • Urban planning, including environmental regulation and services consultation
  • Research and advising/consulting
  • Management
  • Human rights advocate
  • Health Care organization and social services management
  • Law, including justice system administration and social ethics advocacy
  • Public policy analyst

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • Social Work
  • Education
  • Business
  • Counseling
  • Public Policy


Degree in Sociology

Our sociology program combines sociological theories, concepts and research and teaches you to understand causal relationships among social phenomena. In addition to sociology courses, you’ll take classes in psychology, criminal justice and political science.

Major Checklist for Sociology

Minor in Sociology

A minor in sociology is beneficial to students interested in careers that require strong human and social connections.  You’ll learn an overview of the basic theories, methods, concepts and issues central to the discipline of sociology, that will help you understand and work with diverse populations. Minor requirements include 18 hours of sociology courses, including no less than nine credit hours of upper division credits.

Minor Checklist for Sociology

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Sociology Beyond the Classroom

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