Physical Education

As a physical educator, you’ll help students understand the importance of fitness and provide them with opportunities to participate in activities that contribute to their overall health. As you develop an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior, you’ll learn to create a safe learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning and self motivation. You’ll study movement, fitness, lifetime activities and sportsmanship, while learning the strategies of successful team coaching; and various techniques of planning, teaching and evaluating physical education programs.  

Why a degree in Physical Education from Missouri Valley?

We believe that you build knowledge through meaningful interactions rather than acquiring facts. We’ve developed our program around this theory and we teach you how to incorporate this principle into your own teaching practice. Major elements of our program include field experiences within schools and classrooms, in-class discussions, individual unit/lesson planning and assessment development. We emphasize the use of technology in the classroom and model the use of Smartboards, presentation software, digital data projectors and more. Our faculty have years of experience in classrooms and in administrative roles in school districts throughout the U.S. Our program is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The teacher education programs are approved by the Missouri State Board of Education.

Career Possibilities

  • Teacher/Professor
  • Curriculum Development
  • Education Technology Coordinator
  • Coach
  • Athletic Director

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • Education


Degree in Physical Education

Our department offers an all-level (elementary and secondary) major in physical education. Students earning a bachelor’s degree in physical education must meet the academic requirements of the teacher education and physical education programs. Students who desire certification in the state of Missouri as a teacher of physical education may choose to become qualified at either the elementary level (K-9) with an emphasis in motor skills, secondary level (9-12) with emphasis in sports skills or a combination of both (K-12). MVC also offers a certification in K-12 Health.

K-12 Health Concentration

The K-12 Health certificate is an educational certification to teach health in the state of Missouri. In addition to completing courses for a physical education degree, students are required to take additional coursework in psychology and upper division education courses.

Non-Certified Physical Education

If you are interested in a degree in physical education, but not a teaching certification, we offer a non- certified physical education major. Coursework includes all of the major requirements for the K-12 teacher certification minus any education courses.

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Physical Education Beyond the Classroom

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