Early Childhood Education

Early childhood educators play an integral role in a child’s development. You not only inspire learning, sharing and creativity, but you provide them a foundation on which to build for the rest of their lives.

Why a degree in Early Childhood Education from Missouri Valley?

This degree gives you the opportunity to inspire young minds each day. You will work with experienced faculty who will share valuable knowledge that you will use throughout your career as an educator.

Career Possibilities

  • Preschool Teacher
  • Childcare Worker
  • Special Education Teacher
  • ELL Teacher

Graduate Programs

  • Education


Degree in Early Childhood Education

With this degree you will gain valuable knowledge in such areas as developmental milestones and the early learning process. You will also learn important skills to help you build healthy relationships. The first five years of a child’s life are crucial and with the courses offered here at Valley, we know our students will graduate with the skills needed to have a positive impact on children during these important years.

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Early Childhood Education Beyond the Classroom

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