If you are interested in majoring in dance, it is likely that you have a good understanding of the physical techniques required. However majoring in dance allows you to view, analyze and appreciate dance through historical and cultural perspectives that inform and enhance your previous knowledge of dance. We offer a variety of coursework and training in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, improvisation, composition, dance history, dance pedagogy, independent study, and more.

Why a degree in Dance from Missouri Valley?

Our program focuses on giving you the knowledge you need to hone your technical and creative skills through safe dance practices. We do this through opportunities to work with faculty and guest artists. Our small class sizes mean you have ample opportunities to perform, choreograph and design for productions. Our dance students are featured in three major productions throughout the year. The Fine Art Department offers scholarships to help offset the cost of tuition. We encourage you to audition in person, however, if you are unable to we can arrange a digital audition.

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Career Possibilities

  • Choreographer
  • Dance Teacher
  • Art Administration
  • Fitness & Somatic Instructor
  • Management of a Dance Company
  • Performer
  • Dance Therapist

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • Fine Arts


Degree in Dance

The bachelor’s degree program in dance prepares students for a variety of careers in dance, or to enter a graduate dance program. Our program allows students to focus on individualized areas of interest in dance such as education, choreography, performance and scholarship. Requirements include a total of 46 hours.

Minor in Dance

Students studying other majors may want to consider earning a minor in dance. The dance minor combines ten hours of technique courses, nine hours of non-dance technique courses, and three hours of dance electives. Technique courses can focus on specific dance styles including jazz, tap, modern or ballet.

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Admissions & Scholarships

  • Audition dates and information coming soon! Please fill out this inquiry form to get notifications about our auditions.
  • The dance department offers a variety of levels of dance for our majors and non-majors.
  • If you are interested in earning a BA or Minor in Dance, you must first attend an audition before declaring your major.
  • Prior to the audition, you will need to submit:
    • 1-2 minute solo or variation
    • Resume
    • Letter of Recommendation

Ready to apply? Get started now by reviewing our admissions process and explore financial aid options.

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Dance Beyond the Classroom

Dance Workshops
Students are able to help facilitate a number of dance workshops. In these workshops, you’ll be working with children in local communities; teaching them about dance, and choreographing routines that are performed at campus and community events.

Turning your passion into a career

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