Employers want well-rounded people capable of organizing, developing and communicating abstract concepts—skills you’ll develop in our English program. Employers demand new hires be strong communicators with an awareness of social and historical issues. Studying literature means studying people, culture, history and conflict. Our graduates practice independent critical thought and project-based teamwork, developing abilities in problem-solving and decision-making. A versatile degree, students who earn a degree in English will leave school prepared for a variety of career opportunities in the fine arts, business, education and more.

Why a degree in English from Missouri Valley?

As you study writing and literature at MVC, you hone skills in written and verbal communication, research and critical thinking. Faculty in our program have a wide range of professional experiences and interests, many with doctoral degrees in literature related fields. Additionally, many of your professors are published authors. We strive to introduce you to a variety of learning experiences through guest lectures, work outside of the classroom, and hands-on learning experiences, like the opportunity to publish your work before you graduate.

Career Possibilities

  • Lobbyist
  • Librarian
  • Grant Writer/Coordinator
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Publisher
  • Teacher/Professor

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • English Studies
  • Law School
  • Public Administration
  • Education


Degree in English

English is a broad academic field that prepares you for a career in nearly any industry. We offer two concentrations within our program. Students with a passion for reading and analysis may pursue a concentration in literary studies, while those with creative aspirations may pick the writing studies concentration. If you’re interested in teaching English at the secondary level (grades 9-12) you’re required to complete coursework in both English and teacher education.

Literary Studies Concentration

In the literary studies concentration, you’ll acquire a broad knowledge of many topics including world, American and British literature from all historical periods, and genres such as poetry, films, graphic novels, plays, fairy tales, and more. By studying historical literature and literature theory, you’ll get all the inside jokes from 2,000 years of pop-culture.

Writing Studies Concentration

In the writing studies concentration, you’ll get to talk, write, think, read, and argue about sex, death, love, hate, race, justice, truth, and humor. As you study a variety of topics, you’ll develop and study writing and editing techniques, linguistics and modern grammar.  

Minor in English-Literary Studies

A minor in English complements any other degree program. If you want to further develop your writing and communication skills, you’ll benefit from the additional coursework included in the English minor. The literary studies minor helps you with historical context, providing a depth of knowledge in world literature.

Minor in English-Writing Studies

An English minor can be particularly valuable to international students. English is the language of the international business community, and the writing studies concentration within the English major prepares future international business leaders for successful careers.

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