Communication Studies

Communication Studies concentrates on how and why people communicate; it includes spoken language, written texts, and nonverbal communication. Communication skills are highly valued by employers in all fields and are common in job descriptions. Good communication skills are essential in any profession that focuses on human relationships, including law, business, public relations, and sales. There is a science to how we communicate; our program focuses on the theories, techniques and methods of human communication in a variety of formats, media, and contexts.  

Why a degree in Communication Studies from Missouri Valley?

Our program helps you develop effective communication skills. We focus on public speaking, persuasion, argumentation, management, and leadership skills, combining a strong liberal arts education with coursework which facilitates critical thinking and its practical application.

Career Possibilities

  • Negotiator/Mediator
  • Human Resources
  • Public Opinion Research
  • Lobbying
  • Copywriter
  • Lawyer
  • Company Spokesperson/Media Strategist
  • Human Rights Officer
  • Labor Relations Consultant

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • Communication Studies
  • Business
  • Law


Degree in Communication Studies

The Communication Studies degree at MVC combines courses in businesses, science, mass communication, public relations, and English. The study of communication is essential in every profession that focuses on human relationships. This program is dedicated to exploring the impact and value of communication for individuals, organizations, and societies.

Minor in Communication Studies

A Communication Studies minor will support a variety of majors across campus, including Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Exercise Science, Nursing, Physical Education, Political Science, or Psychology.

Minor requirements include additional coursework in philosophy, English, and personal growth and leadership.

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