Student Feature

Amber Newsom '23

Amber Newsom is currently a third year junior here at Missouri Valley College. She is a part of the Repertory Dance Ensemble and the Valley Dance Team. She believes she found her dream school here at MVC. Not only does she feel the atmosphere is extremely friendly and welcoming but also the people here are so supportive. With people from all around the world you are bound to meet your forever friends. She is majoring in Dance and loves the Valley dance department. The dance department’s classes are relatively small and offer a lot of one on one teaching for the students. Her favorite part of the dance department is the faculty and their dedication to each and every student. There‚Äôs nothing better than doing what you love while being surrounded by teachers and classmates that share a radiating love of dance. She is so excited for another year at MVC. Amber cannot wait to expand her knowledge of dance and continue making amazing memories.