Mass Communication

Communications and media are a field that is constantly reinventing itself. How long will it be before today’s technologies give way to new platforms? At a time when information is consumed more than ever before, consumers expect current, relevant communication delivered on multiple, dynamic channels. People are increasingly mobile and geographical, political and social landscapes are changing; all of these have impact on the way we communicate! In an evolving, intersecting industry, employers are looking for students who are knowledgeable in many areas of communication, both traditional and digital.

Why a degree in Mass Communication from Missouri Valley?

The MVC mass communications program is designed to provide a strategic combination of communication technologies to develop skills. You’ll learn about these mediums through a hands-on experience in our radio or TV studio, or on staff at one of our writing publications. At MVC, you don’t have to wait until your senior year to get experience behind or in front of the camera. You’ll get the opportunity to dive into the field starting your freshman year.

Career Possibilities

  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Radio Host
  • News Reporter
  • Production Manager
  • Video Editing
  • Sports Reporter
  • Anchor

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • English
  • Education
  • Journalism


Degree in Mass Communications

The way we communicate ideas and information to people continues to evolve. Our program prepares you for communication jobs in editing, technical writing, radio and television technology, public relations, marketing, advertising, and corporate communications. We offer three concentrations within our program: broadcast, journalism and strategic communications.

Broadcast Concentration

If you’re interested in video editing or production, writing for broadcast, or being in front of the camera, the broadcast concentration is right for you. You’ll learn advanced techniques in radio, television, streaming and newspaper production including script writing, and digital and desktop publishing.

Journalism Concentration

If you’re interested in current events, you might find a concentration in journalism feeds your curiosity. In this subject area, you’ll learn and practice advanced news reporting and writing techniques, photojournalism, social networking and more.

Minor in Mass Communications

Every professional, in every industry, must communicate their thoughts, ideas or viewpoint at some point. A minor in mass communication will arm you with a toolbox of communication strategies and best practices that are applicable in every career path. Students minoring in mass communication take courses in media and culture, as well as classes across the three major disciplines

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Mass Communication Beyond the Classroom

The Delta
The Delta is MVC’s student produced news publication. Students are responsible for finding and pitching news stories, writing, editing, designing, and producing the newspaper. Published five times per semester, the newspaper features journalism work by students and provides news, feature stories, photos, and some advertisements for the college community. The team also manages a website,
KMVC 91.7-The V
The V is MVC’s very own radio station. Located in the Ferguson Center, the V plays the top 40 alternative radio hits. The radio show is hosted and produced by MVC students. Opportunities are also available for on-the-air broadcasting of the many Missouri Valley College sporting events, which are broadcast over the Viking Sports Network.
Viking Views
Ever dreamed of anchoring your own TV show, or directing a documentary? Students in our mass communications program write, host, and produce the Viking Views show on Windjammer Cable Channel 3. Check out some of the recent episodes on our YouTube channel!

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