New Crime Scene Lab Added To MVC Campus

August 13, 2018
Missouri Valley College

Missouri Valley College’s criminal justice program has added a crime scene lab to campus, which is located in the lower level of the Collins Science Center.

The addition of this crime scene lab allows faculty to set up extensive crime scenes so students can determine what is considered evidence from the scene, collect samples for evidence and submit evidence to the lab for testing. Some materials provided in the lab include fingerprinting/lifting materials, GSR testing kits and a forensic mannequin with trajectory rods.

Additionally, this lab will provide faculty members the opportunity to go more in depth when they train on blood spatter, locating evidence that someone has attempted to clean up, and the use of luminol. The first crime scene has already been staged and coincides with the homicide investigations class that begins in the fall.

“Hands on experience in the lab is such a vital addition to the major and in preparing our students for employment in the field of criminal justice,” said Alecia Schmidt, associate professor of criminal justice. “We are proud of our students and the program, and the crime scene lab is just one more step in the growth of the program.”

For more information about the Missouri Valley College criminal justice program, please visit the program page found on our website.

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