MVC Adjunct Faculty Member to Present in Russia

October 30, 2018
Missouri Valley College

MVC adjunct faculty member Dr. Gerardo Acay will travel to Russia to present his paper “Design Principles and Practices in Contemporary Social and Political Theory: A Rawlsian Illustration.” His proposal has been accepted for the Thirteenth International Conference on Design Principles & Practices at Saint Petersburg State University. The University is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia where Dr. Acay will travel in March to present.

The aim of Dr. Acay’s paper is to examine the core concepts of design and practice in contemporary social and political theory. During his presentation he will single out one of the most well known and monumental works in recent attempts to generate a theory of social justice-John Rawls, “A Theory of Justice” (1971/1999).

“I am very excited to visit Russia as my late wife Sally and I always had an admiration for Russian literature,” said Dr. Acay, adjunct instructor of political science. “It is an exciting opportunity to see such a wonderful city as Saint Petersburg and to view some of the cultural heritage, e.g. the Hermitage and others.”

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