October 15, 2020
Missouri Valley College

Missouri Valley College Athletic Director Tom Fifer announced an update to the college’s spectator policy that is in place for the 2020-21 athletic year and a new partnership with Hometown Ticketing.

Beginning with the Friday, Oct. 16 volleyball match against Baker (Kan.), the college will use Hometown Ticketing for all spectators to gain admittance at home events.  Spectators will be expected to reserve their ticket through Hometown Ticketing, which will create a QR code on their phone or mobile device.  The code will be scanned when entering a sporting event.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be a limited number of tickets available. Those eligible to reserve tickets include:

Missouri Valley College Students: Students will use their Missouri Valley College individual student ID number to reserve one free ticket for each home sporting event through Hometown Ticketing.  To enter a sporting event, students must have their ticket and their Campus Clear app downloaded to their phone or mobile device.

Missouri Valley College Faculty & Staff: All Missouri Valley College faculty and staff members can reserve up to two free tickets (employee and one guest) for each sporting event.  Missouri Valley College faculty and staff will use their employee ID number to reserve tickets for each home sporting event through Hometown Ticketing, and all in your party must enter the sporting event at the same time.  Tickets and the Campus Clear app must be downloaded to faculty and staff members’ phone or mobile device. Guests will undergo a health screening prior to admittance.

Guests of Game Day Participants:  Each student-athlete will receive two guest tickets for the sporting event in which they are participating.  Each student-athlete will receive a specific code to use for purchasing the two tickets to their respective events.  Guests using tickets from game day participants will need to download the tickets onto their phone or mobile device, and will undergo a temperature check & health screening prior to admittance.

The “home” side of Volney C. Ashford Stadium (the west stands) will be reserved for ONLY Missouri Valley College students, faculty and staff.  Everyone else in attendance will be seated on the “visitor” side (the east stands).  Missouri Valley College students, faculty or staff members must sit in the visitors section if they wish to sit with any off-campus guest(s) in attendance.

Missouri Valley College will continue to follow the guidelines set by the Heart Promise by limiting the number of spectators at Volney C. Ashford Stadium and Burns Athletic Complex to 50 percent capacity.  Spectators must wear face coverings and practice social distancing while in attendance at sporting events.  No visiting team fans will be allowed to attend sporting events at Missouri Valley College in compliance with the Heart Promise.