Missouri Valley College Announces Largest Enrollment in School History

August 16, 2018
Missouri Valley College

Missouri Valley College’s fall 2018 enrollment is 1,506, which is the largest enrollment in the College’s history. Of the 1,506 students currently enrolled at MVC, 549 are incoming freshmen, 687 are Missouri residents and 291 are international students. The entire student body is comprised of students from 48 states and 2 US territories as well as 51 countries.

MVC amped up enrollment from last year with increased strategic recruitment initiatives. Some of which included expanding the number of visits to high schools and college fairs, targeted social media advertisements and a more personalized touch with student outreach.

“We are truly excited about the beginning of the college year,” said Dr. Bonnie Humphrey, MVC president.  “We have many new faces on campus both in the student body and also in the faculty ranks. As a long time educator, there is nothing quite as invigorating as beginning a new academic year with students that have new hopes and dreams. Their excitement and desire to learn and grow as they advance toward their degree is contagious on campus!”

Classes begin on August 20 and the College will celebrate the beginning of the fall semester with Convocation Week. Some activities that will take place that week include a student-leader dinner, President’s Office open house, Student Involvement Fair, and more. The goal of the Convocation Week activities is to welcome freshmen and celebrate academic excellence.

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