Interlibrary Loans

The Interlibrary Loan Program (ILL) is an extension of the reference service offered at MVC, which provides materials not owned by MVC for purposes of research and serious study. Murrell Memorial Library borrows these materials on your behalf from other libraries. All MVC Students, Faculty and Staff may use this free service.

ILL Book Request Form ILL Journal Request Form

  • How do I request ILL service?

    First check the online catalog or the Journal Finder located on the library’s website to be sure that the material is not owned by MVC. Copies of materials owned by MVC may not be obtained from another library. If books or articles are not owned by MVC, check the online Avalon catalog to search all ten Avalon libraries at once. If the books you need are not in the MVC or Avalon catalog go one step further and try the MOBIUS online catalog. These three catalogs (MVC, Avalon, and MOBIUS) cover most of the large libraries in Missouri. If you cannot find your book in these three catalogs, when you are in the MOBIUS catalog, click on the Prospector tab to search a wider range of libraries. Books listed in these four catalogs (except those listed as “library use only”) may be requested directly via the online catalog by clicking the “request” button. Feel free to ask library staff for help requesting books.

    All books not found in the four catalogs mentioned above, or articles in periodicals not owned by Murrell Memorial Library, must be ordered through the traditional interlibrary loan system.

    • Online ILL forms for books and journal articles are available on the Library’s web site; the forms may be filled out and submitted online to library staff. Some of the online periodical databases have built-in request forms.
  • How long will it take?

    If the material requested is available from a MOBIUS or Avalon Library, it will usually be here within 4-5 days. Remember that the more advance notice we have to locate and request an item, the more likely it is that we will be able to supply the materials on time.