Cost of Attendance

The following charts represent the estimated total costs of enrolling at Missouri Valley College including indirect costs such as transportation, books and miscellaneous expenses. Additionally, students can enroll part-time and in online only courses. Below you will see the estimated costs for online and part-time students based on average enrollment.

  • 2020-2021 Cost of Attendance

    As a private institution committed to personalized instruction, Missouri Valley College has worked to hold down student costs without compromising standards of academic excellence.  Through grants, work, and loan programs, all qualified students are able to afford an education at Missouri Valley College.  For details on how you can afford to attend Missouri Valley College contact the Admissions Office.

    The costs of attending Missouri Valley College for the 2019-20 academic year are as follows:

    Undergraduate Face-to-face students: Students taking at least one face-to-face class are considered face-to-face students.

    • Tuition $20,100 (12-18 hours per semester)
    • Room $5,200 – $6,200
    • Board $4,600 
    • Student Fees*  $1400 per year
    • Overload hours** $350  per credit hour 
    • Audit hours $170 per class
    • Matriculation Fee $100 (new students only)

    Face to face students that enroll in an online class during the fall or spring semesters will pay the online tuition rate ($350 per credit hour) for that class and it will not be part of the face-to-face tuition package rate.

    Undergraduate Face to Face Part time students:  Students who are taking less than 12 hours are considered part-time students. 

    • Tuition: $350 per credit hour
    • Student Fee(1-6 hours)  $350 per semester
    • Student Fee(7-11 hours) $700 per semester

    Students taking at least one face-to-face class are considered face-to-face students and will be billed $350 per credit hour for all hours enrolled.  If any of the classes a student is enrolled in an online class, the student will pay an additional $350 per credit hour for the online class. 

    Undergraduate Online students:  Online students are those taking only online classes.  

    • Tuition $350 per credit hour
    • Student Fee $200 per semester

    Beginning Spring 2020:  Nursing / professional portion LPN-BSN online program has a program specific tuition rate of $8,850 per semester, even if the student is below the 12 credit hour threshold.

    Undergraduate Intersession and Summer terms (online and face-to-face) are charged per credit hour.  

    • Tuition $250 per credit hour
    • Student fee $25

    Graduate students:

    • Tuition $400 per credit hour

    *Additional fees may be charged for individual class lab fees or course material fees.  Class fees may be found in the course descriptions in this catalog.

    **Students with a 3.75 GPA may take 3 additional hours without charge.

  • Net Price Calculator

    Using the net price calculator, you can find out your eligibility for financial aid and estimate your out-of-pocket expenses.

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