Student Research Symposium

The Student Research Symposium is a professional opportunity for our students to share academic, professional, and creative work with the entire campus community. Twice a year, students can participate in the Symposium with submissions of original research, reviews, scholarly essays, creative writing, performance, film and original artwork. During the symposium, outstanding student work is recognized with three awards for excellence in undergraduate student research.

The Spring 2022 Student Research Symposium will take place May 2. Submission deadline is April 4.

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Student Research Symposium Presenter
  • Submission Guidelines
    Submissions are due on April 4, 2022 by 11:59PM. Click here to submit a proposal. Students may submit a proposal for one presentation, performance, or poster.


    A presentation is a 10-minute oral presentation of critical, research, professional, or creative work (including original film), followed by short Q & A at the end of each session.

    A creative work is a 10-minute performance of dance, spoken word, creative writing, music, or drama, followed by short Q & A at the end of each session.

    A poster is a 24×36″ graphic presentation of research, professional, or artistic work; presenters participate in audience Q & A during the session.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of work can I submit?

    Presentation (10 minute oral presentation, papers, research projects, original films, etc), Creative work (10 minute performance, music, creative writing, dance, drama), Poster (24”x36” poster, research results, visual art)

    Why should I present my work? 

    • Feedback and new ideas on ongoing projects
    • Recognition from faculty and colleagues
    • Professional experience presenting work in a formal setting
    • More mileage out of essays, projects, posters, and research you’ve already done
    • A line on your resume/CV

    Are there other ways to be involved besides presenting? 

    Absolutely! You can serve as a session chair, volunteer at the registration desk, or serve as a committee member! To learn more, email or 



  • Excellence in Student Research Awards

    There are four Excellence in Student Research awards presented at each symposium; Best Presentation, Best Poster, Best Creative Work and Best Graduate Work. Presenters are scored by a panel of judges, and each winner receives $100. Additionally, symposium attendees vote for their favorite presentation, and that individual is awarded the People’s Choice Award.

    Past Excellence in Student Research Award Winners:

    Fall 2021
    Best Presentation – Zachary Baker
    “How Nutrient Over-enrichment from Agricultural Practices Affects the Distribution and Composition of Fishes in Salt Fork Creek.”

    Best Poster – Camden Phillips
    “Solar Blockchain: Hashing Out Clean Energy.”

    Best Creative Work – Cuauhtémoc Olvera
    “Hooray for Teacher Day.”

    Best Documentary Film – Austin Bohlen
    Jim: The Wonder Dog.

    People’s Choice Award –  Jamyce Marshall
    “Ozone Depletion.”

    Spring 2021
    Best Poster – Cassandra Fuentes
    Best Presentation – Loanne Martino, Edgar Naen, and Ana Paula Torresbaca
    Best Creative Work – Sara Pruther Vasquez
    Best Graduate Capstone Presentation – Danielle Riley

Submit a Proposal

Students must submit their name, submission title and 100-word abstract.

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