Master of Arts in Educational Administration

About the Program

The purpose of the Master of Arts in Educational Administration program is to prepare students with the training to become effective school administrators. This program will lead to K-12 administration certification.

  • How to Apply

    Complete the online application

    Applications should be submitted by the following dates. However, applications will be continued to be reviewed until classes begin as space allows.

    • Fall Semester (Aug-Dec) apply by August 1

    • Fall Semester 2nd 8-weeks apply by October 1

    • Spring Semester (Jan-May) apply by December 1

    • Spring Semester 2nd 8-weeks apply by February 1

    • Summer Semester (May-July) apply by April 1

    • Summer Semester 2nd 8-weeks apply by June 1

    Once you submit your application, a personal portal will be created. Other materials to upload and attach there include:

    • A personal statement (1-3 typed pages) regarding your interest in pursuing a Master degree in Education Administration and career aspirations/goals.

    • Two or more letters of professional recommendation. The letters of recommendation should be from former professors, supervisors, or other professionals familiar with the candidate’s academic, personal, or professional integrity.

    If you have any questions or for more information about the program, please email or call the Dean of the School of Education and Social Sciences, Dr. Lisa Rice, or 660-631-4648.

  • Standards & Indicators

    The program focuses on defining effective school leadership as related to the Missouri Model Leader Standards and Indicators. The standards organize the functions that help define strong school leadership in five areas. These standards represent the high-priority themes that education leaders must address in order to promote the success of every student. The standards address the following roles of a school administrator:

    • Standard 1: Visionary Leadership
      • The Principal as the Visionary Leader develops and implements a vision for the school to guide the learning of all students.
    • Standard 2: Instructional Leadership
      • The Principal as the Instructional Leader ensures a guaranteed and viable curriculum, guarantees effective instruction practice, coordinates the use of effective assessments and promotes professional learning.
    • Standard 3: Managerial Leader
      • The Principal as the Managerial Leader implements the operational system, oversees personnel and ensures the equitable and strategic use of resources.
    • Standard 4: Relational Leader
      • The Principal as the Relational Leader interacts professionally with students, staff, family, and the community.
    • Standard 5: Innovative Leader
      • The Principal as the Innovative Leader continues professional growth, actively engages in reflective practice and applies new knowledge and understanding to drive appropriate change.
  • Program Completion

    To complete the program, students must complete at least 36 graduate credits, including the prescribed program requirements, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and no more than 6 hours below a grade of B. Embedded in the course work is the state-required, written assessment. Scoring of the written assessment will be done at the institution level by the faculty of the program.

    Students are required to pass the School District Leadership assessment-Test Code 080 Building Level Administrator in order to obtain certification from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

  • Curriculum and Instructional Design
    CourseDescriptionCredit Hours
    ED501History of Educational Administration3
    ED502Current Issues in Educational Leadership3
    ED503School Leadership: The Principalship3
    ED504Teacher Evaluation & Instructional Improvement3
    ED505Education Finance3
    ED506Education Law3
    ED507Supervision and Building Management3
    ED508Educational Media Relations3
    ED509Facilities Analysis and Design3
    ED510Design of Effective Curriculum3
    ED511Research in Educational Administration3
    ED512Internship I (Hours Embedded in courses)0
    ED513Internship II3
  • Educational Administration Handbook

Course Offerings & Descriptions


Nancy Wiseman, MSN RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Allan Wilson
Professor of Biology
Christina Wilson, CPA
Associate Professor
Jake Wilson
Football Assistant Coach
Dr. Dustin Williams
Adjunct Faculty
MSN Program - FNP Track
Raven White
Esports Head Coach
Dr. Earl Wellborn

Professor of Education
Dan Watson
Assistant Professor, Exercise Science
Jeremy Wagner
Jordyn Vrba
Instructor, Exercise Science
Assistant Athletic Director
Casey Vogelsmeier
Campus Nurse
Dr. Susan Vogelsmeier
Professor of Nursing
Director, Master of Science in Nursing
Campus Nurse Practitioner
Dr. Peggy Van Dyke
Professor of Nursing
Heather Troth
Associate Professor of Non-Profit Leadership
Campus Executive Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
Paul Troth
Executive Director of Student Success
Assistant Professor of Education
Bobby Trey Collins III
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Associate Director of Viking Sports Network
Tsvetan Todorov
Instructor of Business
Head Men's Volleyball Coach
Dr. Joshua Tetteh
Professor of Sociology
Jashawna Terry
Academic Advisor
Dr. Teresa Taylor
Associate Professor of Nursing, BSN Program
Curriculum/Instructional Design Coordinator
Alexis Tappe
Women's Basketball Graduate Assistant
Conner Swift
Associate Dean of Students
Director of Residence Life and Housing
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Jennifer Swift
Institutional Advancement Data and Operations Manager
Torey Spitzig
Adjunct Professor of Dance
Colleen Smith
Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
Milena Simic
Associate Professor of Business
Vladimir Simic
Assistant Athletic Director
Head Men's Soccer Coach
Associate Professor of Business
Peggy Sherman
Associate Professor of Education
Austin Setter
Assistant Professor of History & Education
Brandy Schulte
Administrative Assistant to the President
Tim Schulte
Vice President of Operations
Dr. Claire Schmidt
Associate Professor
Abi Schapira
Regional Admissions Representative
Eric Sappington
Vice President of Advancement
Dr. Christine Sanders
Assistant Professor, Agribusiness
Rhonda Ryther
Director of the Learning Center
Dr. Christine Russell
Associate Professor of Physics
Dr. Terry Russell
Vice President of Student Affairs
Dean of Students
James Rowlett
Director of Student Activities
Dr. Thomas Rowland
Assistant Professor of English
Mackenzie Roberts
Regional Admissions Representative
Dr. Pam Riggs
Associate Professor of Education
Dr. Lisa Rice
Assistant Professor
Mary Resz
Lecturer, Fine Arts
Michele Reinke
Associate Professor of Biology
Karen Reeter
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Jordyn Reese
Athletic Trainer
Robert Record
Public Safety Officer
Scott Queen
Scott Queen
Executive Director of Marketing & Communications
Greg Purdum
Assistant Football Coach
Andy Pulverenti
Sports Information Director
Assistant Athletic Director
Ramone Powell
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Instructor of Education
Chris Post
Instructor of Mass Communication
David Poe
Accounting Manager
Tammy Plains
Administrative Assistant, MSN Program
Tori Pimentel
Coordinator for Spirit Squads
Head Stunt Coach
Richelle Perkins
Assistant Athletic Trainer; Instructor, Exercise Science
Samantha Perkins
Library Director
Dr. Joe Parisi
Janice Padley
Educational Technology Specialist
Dr. Debbie Olson
Associate Professor
Patrick Ocampo
Instructor of English
Lana O’Hara
Instructor of ESL
Dr. Brian Nolan
Associate Professor of Psychology
Aaron Negrette
Men's Wrestling Graduate Assistant
Stephen Murrell, JD
Assistant Professor
MacKenzie Murphree
Financial Literacy Advisor
Student Employment Coordinator
Stephanie Mullins
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs
Erich Mueller
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Coordinator of Math Co-requisite and Math Pathways
Gabriela Morales
Director of Student Success
Director of Blosser Program
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Rina Miura
Instructor of Business
Staff Accountant
Margot Mirabal
Director of Student Engagement
James Menz
Assistant Professor, Exercise Science
Julia Mejias
Women's Soccer GA
Sports Information Director Assistant
John McEachern
Director of Transportation
Shotgun Sports Assistant Coach
Jim McCrary
Assistant Professor of English
Josh McCarroll
Director of Development
Dr. Lori Mathis
Adjunct Faculty
MSN Program - FNP Track
tAno Mateu
Chief Information Security Officer
Adjunct Professor of CIS
Kari Mason
Assistant Men's and Women's Rodeo Coach
Ken Mason
Head Men's and Women's Rodeo Coach
Angela Martinez-Mills
Adjunct Faculty
MSN Program - FNP Track
Dr. Penny Marshall-Chura
Adjunct Faculty
MSN Program - FNP Track
Tyler Marik
Head Men's Baseball Coach
Dr. Travis Manroe
Associate Professor of Business
Stephen Main
Assistant Director of Admissions
Director of Golf
Chaz Maddi
Director of MVC TV
Instructor of Mass Communication
Mike Machholz
Athletic Director
Dr. Sarah MacDonald
Associate Professor of Biology
Jianping Ma
Powerlifting/Olympic Lifting Head Coach
Nick Lutz
Cheer Co-Head Coach
Bathsheba Love
Library Circulation Services
Morris Lolar
Football Assistant Coach
Jen Livengood
Associate Professor of Psychology & Community Counseling
Instructor of the MACC Program
Casey Littrell
Rodeo GA
Ben Lister
Women's Basketball Head Coach
Rev. Paul List
Dr. Andrew Linsenbardt
Dean, School of Science & Agriculture
Associate Professor of Biology
Christopher Libby
Dean of Honors College
Professor of Religion and Philosophy
Brandon Lewis
Cross Country Head Coach
Track/Field Assistant Coach
Rebecca Lea
Collections Administrator
Marsha Lashley
Faculty Athletic Representative
Chad Lance
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Instructor of Education
Assistant Athletic Director
Joshua Laird
Assistant Athletic Trainer; Instructor, Exercise Science
Stan Laboube
Men's and Women's Bowling Head Coach
Ken Kujawa
Director of the Viking Sports Network
Instructor of Mass Communication
Murray Knox
Women's Basketball Assistant Coach
Katie Kirby MA, LPC, NCC
Campus Counselor
Dr. Tamara King
Professor of History
James King
Financial Aid Advisor
Beverly Katz, JD
Associate Professor of Business
Dr. Jennifer Justice
Assistant Professor of English
Coordinator of Writing Across the Curriculum
English Co-Requisite Coordinator
Lee Jones
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Riley Jefferson
Admissions Representative
Head Dance Coach
Dr. Chamara Jayasundera
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Kelly James
Head Softball Coach
Haley Innes
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Harold Hynick
Professor of Theatre
Jennifer Hull
Regional Admissions Representative
Susan Hughes
Evening Library Assistant
Waylon Hiler
Associate Professor of Biology
Christi Hicks
Human Resources Manager
Gary Heisserer
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
Tom Hayob
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Linze Hawkins
Drew Hawkins
Head Women's Soccer Coach
Instructor of Education
Sarah Haug
eLearning & Outreach Coordinator
Diana Hardesty
Assistant Professor of Nursing, BSN Program
Clarissa Hagler
Softball Graduate Assistant
Roberta Griffitt
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Director, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Philip Gresham
Assistant Professor of Fine Arts
Dr. Carol Green
Adjunct Faculty - FNP Track
Richard M. Gozia
Chief Financial Officer
James Goodman
Public Safety Director
Debbie Gonzalez
Program Director - RPED
Adjunct Professor
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Admissions Counselor
Kameron Godsey
Kameron Godsey
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Graphic Designer
Regan Godsey
Admissions Representative
Pat Giangrosso
Head Men's Wrestling Coach
Kevin Gasser
Director of Roster Management
Academic Advisor
Debra Gage
Assistant Professor of Nursing, BSN Program
Adrianne Fuller-St. John, Psy.D.
Assistant Professor
Director of Master of Arts in Community Counseling
Kelley D. McKay Fuemmeler
Assistant Professor of English
Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Callista Francis
Women's Basketball Graduate Assistant
Reese Fraley
Admissions Representative
Katlyn Flowers
Career Services Coordinator
Academic Advisor
Vince Fedorowich
Head Athletic Trainer
Instructor, Exercise Science
Yesenia Farfan
Director of International Admissions
Office Manager for Admissions
Rachel Ewing
Instructor, Nonprofit Management
Paul Eppen
Senior Vice President
Carla England
Administrative Assistant - BSN Program
Dr. Tonya Eddy
Associate Professor of Nursing, BSN Program
Clinical Coordinator
Sam Gonzalez
Regional Admissions Representative
Charley Dukes
Men's Soccer Assistant Coach
Instructor, Business
Tamika Drake
Assistant Athletic Director
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Deanna Donnell
Assistant Professor of Nursing, BSN Program
Aaron Dickey
Systems Administrator
Jake Dennis
Baseball Assistant Coach
Kimberly Davis
Assistant Professor of Nursing - BSN Program
Simulation/Skills Lab Coordinator
Dillon Davis
Instructor, Exercise Science
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Lisa Daugherity, MEd, BSN, RN
adjunct instructor
Delmer Croka
Shotgun Range Manager, Assistant Coach
Casey Creehan
Head Football Coach
Jennifer Cott
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Kendra Cote
Assistant to the Registrar
Transcript Clerk
Mel Corlija
Associate Professor of Business
Kevin Corbett
Head Women's Wrestling Coach
Debbie Coleman
Director of Accessibility & Disability Services
Elizabeth Cline
Alumni Director
Brooke Clemons
Student Service Administrator
Steve Clause
Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems
Tara Clarkson
Adjunct Professor of English
Teresa Ceselski MS, LPC
Director of Student Health Counseling
Lorenzo Celiento
Programmer Analyst
Danny Capps
Powerlifting Head Coach
Mike Cannon
Assistant Football Coach
Courtney Campbell
Admissions Representative, graduate and nursing programs
Paula Burke
Director of Business Office & Student Accounts
Debi Bultmann
Assistant Athletic Director
Spirit Squad Coordinator
Kelsey Brownley
Online Services Coordinator
David Bowers
Debate Coach
Keeley Boss
Director of External Affairs
Derek Bohnsack
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Assistant Men's Wrestling Coach
Dr. Joseph Bernstein
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Tiffany Bergman

Associate Professor of History
Elizabeth Bellamy
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dean of Graduate Students
Gerry Baygents
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Katherine Armstrong
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Dr. Joe Alsobrook
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Online Operations
William Allendorfer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English as a Second Language
Sergio Allen
Football Assistant Coach
Mavrick Alexander
Mavrick Alexander