If you’ve always pictured yourself leading a team or organization, or owning your own business, our flexible management degree program will help you develop the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur or sports manager.

Why a degree in Management from Missouri Valley?

Flexibility and convenience

The bachelor’s in management degree can be completed in the traditional classroom or online. 

Essential skills

Through coursework in accounting, business law, data analysis, economics, finance, management, marketing, and operations, you’ll develop skills for effective business practices that are applicable across industry sectors. 

Competitive advantage

Our program also includes coursework in business ethics, decision-making, business policy, and effective administrative communication because transparency has never been more important to a successful business model. 

International perspectives

Adding even more value to your management studies at MVC, enrollment in our program brings annual opportunities to participate in the Maastricht Institute of Entrepreneurship, which hosts guest speakers and entrepreneurs from the United States and Europe, representing a broad spectrum of international industries. 

1 path, 2 degrees

Your path to a bachelor’s degree in Management can also include an associates degree in Small Business Management. MOVAL = More Value.


Management Major

You can earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in Management. Your advisor can help you decide which degree is right for you.


The major in Management gives you the option to choose from two concentrations that complement our core business coursework:


If you’ve dreamed of being an entrepreneur, joining a family business, or running your own, you will benefit from a concentration in entrepreneurship. Courses examine the practical problems faced by entrepreneurs in the development and management of a startup or ongoing enterprise.

Sports Management

Sports management is a field of education concerning the business aspect of athletics. Career possibilities include management positions for professional sports teams, college sports managers, sports marketing, event management, facility management, sports finance, and sports information.

Accounting Minor

The minor in Accounting requires courses in basic, financial, and managerial accounting. You can also select a course in accounting computer applications, fraud examination, or taxation. The minor in Accounting can be completed in the traditional classroom or online.

Economics Minor

A minor in Economics is useful to anyone interested in a career that is affected by global and consumer market trends. A basic understanding of economics can also help you navigate personal financial decisions. The minor in Economics can be completed in the traditional classroom or online.

Marketing Minor

Around the world, business professionals combine creative concepts and data-driven decisions to promote products and services in every industry. To help you develop a creative mindset and the ability to analyze and interpret market data, courses to complete the minor in Marketing include Consumer and Market Behavior, Digital Marketing, Principles of Advertising, Principles of Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Social Networking. The minor in Marketing can be completed in the traditional classroom or online.

► See the academic catalog for specific major and minor course requirements and descriptions.

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