If you’ve always pictured yourself leading a team or organization, or owning your own business, our management degree program will help you develop the skills needed to manage a business enterprise in any industry. Management is more than just being the “boss,” there are organizational theories, cultural concepts and decision-making models  that help managers lead. Our program examines essential business components such as management, communications and operations and allows you to gain specific knowledge in a concentration area.  

Why a degree in Management from Missouri Valley?

With a strong business core, the education you’ll receive while earning a management degree from MVC is versatile and can prepare you for a wide variety of roles in the business world. Across all industries, transparency has never been more important to a successful business model; our program includes courses on business ethics, the manager/owner role, business policy and effective administrative communication.  

Career Possibilities

  • Human Resources Managers and Specialists
  • Industrial Production Managers
  • Lodging Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations
  • Sales and Promotion Managers

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • Master of Business Administration

Courses & Concentrations

Degree in Management

A degree in management from Missouri Valley gives you the option to choose from three concentrations that complement our core business coursework: administration, entrepreneurship and sports management.

Administration Concentration

The administration concentration is for students interested in a more traditional leadership role. Courses focus on planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling organizations. This concentration also covers topics like legal contracting, commercial litigation and the Uniform Commercial Code.  

Entrepreneurship Concentration

If you’ve dreamed of being an entrepreneur, joining a family business, or running your own, you will benefit from a concentration in entrepreneurship. Courses examine the practical problems faced by entrepreneurs in the development and management of a startup or ongoing enterprise. This degree program can be completed in the traditional classroom or online.

Sports Management Concentration

Sport management is a field of education concerning the business aspect of sports. Some examples of sport managers include the front office system in professional sports, college sports managers, sports marketing, event management, facility management, sport finance and sports information.

Admissions & Scholarships

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