Murrell Library Director Selected by MOBIUS to Serve as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

June 9, 2020
Missouri Valley College

Professor and Director of the Murrell Library and Commons at Missouri Valley College, Dr. Bryan Carson, has been selected by the board of the MOBIUS consortium to serve as the vice-chair/chair-elect of the e-resources committee. Working in conjunction with MOBIUS staff, this committee provides input on products, subscriptions and services that may be of interest to the membership.

In his new role as vice-chair, Dr. Carson will work closely with the current chair to guide the activities of the committee in 2020-2021. He will assume the chair role in 2021-2022. Dr. Carson has previously served on similar committees for two consortia in Kentucky.

“Libraries are the ultimate source for quality information,” said Dr. Carson. “Electronic resources from the MOBIUS consortium provides authoritative materials for our member libraries. I am excited to serve this organization and further its ideals at this historic juncture in our society.“

MOBIUS is a partnership of libraries that provides access to shared information resources, services and expertise. Founded in 1998, MOBIUS has transformed library services for Missouri citizens and includes 66 academic libraries, 7 public libraries, 3 special libraries and the Missouri State Library, serving a total of 213 physical branches.

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