August 25, 2020
Missouri Valley College

Missouri Valley College students have started the fall 2020 semester after all faculty, staff, students and dining hall workers were tested for COVID-19.

Students began arriving on campus Monday, August 10, and student check-in was staggered over six days in an effort to have fewer students arriving at one time to better allow for social distancing and COVID-19 testing. Students completed any registration forms online prior to their arrival on campus. Classes have been redesigned to accommodate for social distancing and to lower the density of people on campus.  Currently, also in an effort to keep the density of people down and to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Missouri Valley College campus is closed to outside visitors.

Dr. Heath Morgan, vice president of student affairs, said 1.1% of the over 1,400 faculty and staff members, students, and dining hall employees tested positive for COVID-19. Those students were asked to quarantine at home, if possible, or at a specific location on campus.  Any students in quarantine when classes begin may begin their coursework online until released from quarantine.

Morgan said every member of the MVC community has done their part in keeping the campus safe.

“Every campus office has had to work to change processes and procedures so that our students could return to campus,” Morgan said. “Our students came prepared and I hope with all of the changes to campus, it is a safe and successful semester for all.”

An automatic facial recognition and thermal temperature scanner was placed at the entrance of the dining hall in Ferguson Center, and every person who enters has their temperature taken before entering the facility.   Seating in the dining hall was redesigned to allow for social distancing, and there are plexiglass dividers on each table.

Students utilize a campus-wide app to screen and monitor symptoms every morning. Extra personnel have been hired to work in the Student Health Clinic, which also has extended hours for student access.

Sanitation chemicals recommended by the CDC are being used to clean and disinfect all campus buildings with high touch areas and classrooms being cleaned multiple times per day.  A fogger will be utilized to completely sanitize all locker rooms and large spaces. Additionally, directional signage has been installed in all campus buildings to aid in the reduction of bottleneck traffic patterns.

Graduate classes began Tuesday, August 18 and undergraduate classes began Thursday, August 20. There will be no fall break, and the semester will conclude on Tuesday, Nov. 24 for a six-week winter break.

For more information about the fall 2020 semester and to view the entire Return to Campus plan, visit www.moval.edu.