Missouri Valley College Launches New Website

March 29, 2018
Missouri Valley College

Missouri Valley College has gone live with a newly launched website. The college worked with the east coast company, SAI Digital, on the overall design and aesthetic for the new moval.edu site.

The lead-up to the launch was a year-long process and collaborative effort of the MVC information technology and marketing offices along with help from the entire campus. Work included meeting with cross-campus stakeholders, making decisions for the website style and design and gathering pertinent information to include in all areas of the new site. Last September, the college hired an outside photographer to capture photos of campus, including a number of Valley students, faculty and staff members. The new photography can be found throughout the site and gives viewers a glimpse into the day-to-day life on the MVC campus.

Keeping the user experience in mind, the new site has a fresh look and is markedly easier to navigate. In 2014, the website received visual updates but this is the first time in many years that there has been an entire overhaul of the website.

“This was a big project for the College, and we are excited to finally be able share the site with everyone,” said Danielle Durham, director of marketing. “The new site should provide better ease of navigation for all of our users, along with having a fresh new look with updated photography.”

For questions about the new website, please contact Danielle Durham at durhamd@moval.edu. To view the new website, visit www.moval.edu.