September 1, 2020
Missouri Valley College

Missouri Valley College’s fall 2020 enrollment is 1,398. Of the 1,398 students currently enrolled at MVC, 582 are from Missouri, 292 are international students and the remainder are from out of state. The student body is made up of students from 44 states and 50 countries.

“I am very pleased with the enrollment this fall,” said Dr. Bonnie Humphrey, MVC president. “These students want to be on campus and with the safety precautions we have put in place for the faculty staff, and students, we believe we can achieve a positive on-campus experience .”

The College welcomed freshmen and transfer students with a virtual student orientation. Classes have been redesigned to accommodate for social distancing and to lower the density of people on campus.  Currently, also in an effort to keep the density of people down and to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Missouri Valley College campus is closed to outside visitors.

Graduate classes began Tuesday, August 18 and undergraduate classes began Thursday, August 20. There will be no fall break, and the semester will conclude on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

For more information about the fall 2020 semester and to view the entire Return to Campus plan, visit www.moval.edu.

For more information about upcoming events or academic programs, please visit www.moval.edu.

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