Campus Adds Additional Safety and Security Measures

January 31, 2024
Missouri Valley College

Missouri Valley College is continuing to invest in campus safety and security with the installation of additional security cameras in a variety of key locations on campus. Dr. Terry Russell, vice president of student affairs, said MVC will have approximately 75 cameras installed by spring.

“A good surveillance system reduces criminal activity, provides peace of mind, and also provides evidence,” said Russell. “It is a good deterrent.”

Russell said several new cameras were being installed this week as part of a safety and security plan assembled in the fall. He said cameras are just one part of the plan, which includes hiring additional members of the college’s armed 24-hour security force, extra patrols and support from the Marshall Police Department, and other safety and security measures that remain undisclosed.

James Goodman, MVC’s director of public safety, said there had been a few recent incidents of theft on campus, and he encouraged students and employees to lock their vehicle doors and report any unusual activity.