Information Technology Department

The IT Department offers a wide variety of technology services for the MVC community. We support services that enable faculty to teach and conduct research, students to learn, and staff to manage the business operations of the college.

We are recommending that each student have a personal computer or laptop for classes this fall.  In order to maintain social distance, many of our classes will be taught in a hybrid manner and students will need to have a device to attend classes remotely.  


I have a Mac, will that work?

  • Yes, a Mac should work.  We have not found any programs that faculty require that do not work on a Mac so far.

Can’t I just use my smartphone?

  • We don’t recommend relying solely on your smartphone for class. Many of our classes have moved to eBooks, and will be using D2L Brightspace as the Learning Management System this year. Althought Brightspace has a reliable phone application, engaging in all coursework from a smartphone can be extremely limiting.

I have an iPad, will that work?

  • If using an iPad, you will need to install the Google family of Apps (Chrome, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides) for the best experience.

Will a Chromebook work?

  • Yes, a Chromebook will work for most things, however we have experienced issues with some specific programs.  For example, Nursing majors and Business Division majors need SafeExam Browser for some of their testing and it will not work with a Chromebook.

I am still running Windows XP, is that okay?

  • Support for Windows XP ended in 2014. Support for Windows 7 ended in 2020. This means that Microsoft no longer provides updates or patches for these operating systems. It is very dangerous to use one of these outdated operating systems. If you are still running an older operating system contact IT for recommendations on how to move forward. 

What programs will I need?

  • Missouri Valley College is a Google campus and most classes use Google Drive, Google Docs. Google Sheets and Google Slides.
  • Most of the other programs used are web based.

Will I need a webcam?

  • Yes and most newer laptops come with one built in.  If your device does not, external webcams can be purchased relatively easily.

If you are looking to purchase a PC / laptop here are our recommended specs:

  • Operating System – Windows 10 Home 
  • Processor Type – Minimum Core i5 Processor (or AMD equivalent); recommend Core i7 Processor (or AMD equivalent)
  • Memory – Minimum of 8 GB RAM or higher
  • Hard Drive – Minimum of 250 GB; recommend 500 GB or higher

Meet Our IT Staff

Jason Rinne
Systems Administrator
Trevor Phillips
Network Technician
Aaron Dickey
Junior Administrator
Kelsey Brownley
Omar Al Refae
Principal Software Engineer