Agribusiness is the business of agriculture production, a business that drives public policy, economic development and trade. Agribusiness professionals will be instrumental in developing new techniques and technologies, responsible for sustaining the world’s growing population and exhausted food resources. A degree in agribusiness doesn’t just prepare you to work on a farm, it prepares you for a wide range of agriculture and natural resource based careers. In our program, you’ll study the economic, social and political forces and trends that impact U.S. and global agribusinesses.

Why a degree in Agribusiness from Missouri Valley?

MVC’s location, in the heart of the midwest, provides a prime location for you to study agribusiness and work with companies in the industry. Local agriculture businesses provide ample hands-on learning experiences. In our program, you’ll learn to apply economic principles to understand the similarities and differences in local, regional, national and international markets for agriculture goods. You’ll also receive hands-on experience through a required research product that challenges you to select, implement, design, and collect and interpret data.

Career Possibilities

  • Agricultural Inspectors
  • Farm Manager
  • Crop Producer
  • Agriculture Public Policy
  • Agriculture Sales
  • Agriculture Product Marketing

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Agribusiness

Courses & Concentrations

Degree in Agribusiness

Our degree program is part of the business division, so you’ll receive a well-rounded education applicable to many industries. In addition to agribusiness focused classes, you’ll take courses in business, accounting, economics, biology and computer information systems.

Admissions & Scholarships

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Dr. Larry Godsey
Assistant Professor of Agribusiness

Agribusiness Beyond the Classroom

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