A scholarship is money for college that you will not be expected to repay. Scholarships can come from many sources, including the College or an outside entity. A student is limited to scholarships not to exceed the cost of attendance. It is the student's responsibility to provide the Financial Aid Office with information on all scholarships they expect to receive.

There are three types of scholarships awarded at Missouri Valley:

Institutional Scholarship Endowed Scholarships Outside Scholarships

Institutional Scholarships

Missouri Valley College strives to make college affordable for all students by awarding academic, athletic and talent based scholarships in addition to a number of other scholarships.  Upon admission to Missouri Valley College the Admission Counselors will work with you to determine what scholarship offer will benefit you most. MVC scholarship offerings are applicable throughout the time a student is enrolled at the College.  In most cases, institutional scholarships may not be combined.  If a student is eligible for more than one award, the Admissions Office will offer the highest of the awards to the student.  Missouri Valley College reserves the right to change scholarship amounts. A student's scholarship will change if they choose to move on-campus or off- campus. Students are encouraged to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor when making decisions that could affect their scholarship eligibility, such as moving off-campus or quitting a sport or activity. 

The scholarships listed below include the most common scholarships offered at MVC. Students are packaged with an institutional scholarship upon admission to Missouri Valley College. The scholarship offer that the student signs during the admissions process will typically remain awarded to the student while they are enrolled and cannot be changed to a different scholarship. Please keep in mind that, in many cases, these scholarships cannot be combined. Discuss your scholarship options with your Admissions Counselor. 

If you are a returning student looking for additional scholarship funds on top of the award you received as an incoming student, please see our Endowed Scholarships

  Annual Amount Eligibility Criteria
MVC Resident/Commuter Scholarship Varies Must be accepted to MVC
Board of Trustees $5,000 Member of the Board of Trustees must recommend applicant prior to initial scholarship offer.
Alumni $2,000 Applicant must provide a letter of recommendation from an alumni of MVC prior to May 15th. Three awarded annually.
A+ Incentive Half Tuition Verification of A+ status. Resident students only.
MO Boys State Room and Board Scholarship for MO Boys State participants. Resident students only.
MO Girls State Room and Board Scholarship for MO Girls State participants. Resident students only.
Nonprofit Leadership Alliance $5,000 Background in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCA, YWCA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, 4H, Campfire, Goodwill Industries, Boys Club of America, Junior Achievement, American Red Cross or other nonprofit organizations are eligible. Letter of recommendation from organization required.
Dual Credit Half Tuition Completion of 6 credit hours at MVC and 2.50 GPA** required. Resident students only.
President's Full Tuition 30 ACT, 1300 SAT and above a minimum of 3.5 high school GPA required, . Resident on-campus students only. Renewal criteria: 3.0 GPA (reviewed at the end of each academic year)
Top Scholar Full Tuition 3.5+ GPA or above and an AA Degree required. Resident on-campus students only. Renewal criteria: 3.0 GPA (reviewed at the end of each academic year)
Dean's Scholarship Seventy-Five Percent Tuition Must participate in the Honor Scholars Competition. Renewal criteria: 3.0 GPA (reviewed at the end of each academic year)
Achievement Half Tuition 3.0 - 3.49 GPA and an AA Degree required. Resident on-campus students only.
Talent Varies Amounts are awarded based on students various talents include, but not limited to academics, fine arts, leadership and athletics.

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Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are available as a result of a gift from alumni and friends of Missouri Valley College. These scholarships provide invaluable educational access to students that otherwise may not be able to afford this academic opportunity and privilege. Many of these awards are available to students who meet specific criteria.

Certain scholarships have different application processes. Most scholarships are applied for via the Endowed Scholarship Application. Students must complete a separate application for each scholarship for which they apply.

Return completed applications to the Financial Aid Office by May 15th, 2015. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please note the change in application process. A separate application must be completed for each scholarship for which you are applying. If you wish to apply for more than one scholarship, you must complete more than one application.

  Annual Amount Eligibility Criteria
Loren C. Gruber Endowed Honors Award Varies(Maximum Award - $500) Must be a current student in good academic standing in the MVC Honors Program and must have successfully completed an Honors Program thesis.


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Outside Scholarships

In addition to scholarships provided by Missouri Valley, students are encouraged to seek outside aid from other sources. We have listed a few outside scholarships that you can apply for through Missouri Valley. Additionally, we have provided links below to scholarships search websites where you can find and apply for additional aid. Please be advised: Read all the terms and conditions of each award carefully prior to applying for a scholarship.

Fast Web
Student Scholarship Search
Scholarship Search by Sallie Mae

  Annual Amount Eligibility Criteria
MVC Alumni Legacy Scholarship $500 Son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter of an MVC alumni. A graduating high school senior. Earn a minimum high school GPA of 3.0. Demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities. Possess high standards of character. Must apply.
National Merit $250 - $2,500 Finalist in National Merit Competition.
Chamber of Commerce $300 Competition scholarships for students from Marshall High School or resident of Saline County. Only three awards available (2 traditional students, 1 non-traditional student). First-time students only.
Horatio Alger up to $21,300 Competitive scholarship sponsored by Horatio Alger Association/MVC. Must be National winner or runner-up to qualify.
National Presbyterian Varies Member of Presbyterian Church, National Scholarship Applicant postmarked no later than December 1.
Gwendolyn Allen Scholarship up to $6,000 awarded to multiple students Must be an African American, first generation student with a GPA above a 2.5. Applications can be picked up in the Office of Student Affairs.

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