Dr. Thomas Rowland

Assistant Professor of English
School of Arts & Humanities
Ferguson Center 234
Dr. Thomas Rowland is an assistant professor of English, and has taught here since 2021. Prior to teaching at MVC, Dr. Rowland taught at Saint Louis University (in both English and Spanish departments), Maryville University, and Wentworth Military Academy (most recently). In addition, Dr. Rowland established the Riverwell Institute of Arts & Language in Lexington, and coordinates the youth ministry at Lexington United Methodist Church. His areas of specialty include medieval literature, ludonarratology, history of reading, Robin Hood, and videogame literature. He is currently working on a book for Routledge on integrating videogames into the literature classroom, and has previously published several works on videogame phenomenology and interpretation, including “Toys, Icons, Art, & Power: The Intromersive Iconology of Videogames.” Seeking Tolkien’s Influence in Game Design and Culture. ed. Alicia Fox-Lenz. (McFarland, 2021); “Extrapolative Silence and Mythopoeic Potential in Videogames as Literature” Dangerous to Go Alone: A Companion for Exploring Mythopoetic Narrative in The Legend of Zelda. ed. Anthony Cirilla and Vincent Rone. (Routledge, 2020); and Rowland, Thomas and Amanda Barton. “Outside Oneself in World of Warcraft: Gamers’ Perceptions of the Racial Self-Other.” Journal of Transformative Works and Culture 8 (2011).
PhD Saint Louis University (English – medieval literature)
MA University of Chicago
BA Southwest Baptist University