Political Science/Public Administration

Are you interested in American politics? The political science/public administration program explores critical issues that include international affairs, health care, the environment, civil rights, theories concerning the ideal government, and how power and resources are allocated in society. Skills that you’ll learn in our political science curriculum can be applied to careers in government at all levels. The program also meets the requirements for admittance to graduate degree programs in political science, public administration, law schools and more.

Why a degree in Political Science/Public Administration from Missouri Valley?

We encourage you to develop the ability to see a variety of perspectives, to analyze, synthesize and evaluate information. We aide you in this process through a curriculum designed as a sequence of courses which systematically moves you through a learning progression and ends with an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of the complexity of the areas of study. Many MVC alumni have found great success upon completion of our program, graduates have had successful careers as judges, lawyers, housing authority managers, state and local government positions and more.

Career Possibilities

  • Attorney
  • Campaign Operative
  • Policy Analyst
  • Public Opinion or Federal Government Analyst
  • Administration: Corporate, Government, Non-profit
  • Pollster
  • State Legislator

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • Law School
  • Public Administration

Courses & Concentrations

Bachelors of Science in Political Science

A political science majors should acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to read and comprehend contemporary political analysis and to develop their critical and analytical capacity. In addition to political science courses, you’ll take a combination of history, economics, business and sociology.

Major Checklist for Political Science/Public Admininstration

Minor in Political Science

A minor in political science helps you examine social scientific inquiry and summarizes political theories and philosophies from which present-day political ideologies, institutions and systems have evolved. The minor requirements include 18 hours in political science courses. A minor in political science is useful if you’re considering careers with the government or in law or criminal justice.

Minor Checklist for Political Science/Public Admininstration

Admissions & Scholarships

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How to Apply Applying for Aid


Tiffany Bergman
Chair of the Division of Social Science
Associate Professor of History

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