Animal Science

Our animal science courses will teach you important skills that will set you apart in agri-business or the biological sciences. From livestock management to animal feed and nutrition sales, the opportunities abound for you to excel in a number of influential industries. More than likely, you will find yourself working for an agri-business of some sort after you graduate. With this minor, you will have a better grasp of the science behind the agricultural industry in the US.

Why a minor in Animal Science from Missouri Valley?

A minor in animal science from Valley will add value to your degree in the biological sciences or in agri-business and increase your career opportunities after you graduate. This is a great minor for students with plans to work in agriculture or agri-science, the largest industry in the United States.

Career Possibilities

  • Farm Management and Consulting
  • Livestock breeding and management
  • Animal Feed and Nutrition Sales
  • Agricultural Entrepreneur
  • Agricultural Commodity Trading


Minor in Animal Science

If you choose this minor, some courses you will take include Animal Science, Animal Nutrition, Zoology, Mammalogy, and Genetics. The courses offered in this minor provide a great foundation of knowledge and understanding about the management, physiology, and importance of livestock, swine, poultry, and small ruminant animals to the agricultural sector of the world’s economy.

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Dr. Allan Wilson
Professor of Biology
Michele Reinke
Associate Professor of Biology
Dr. Sarah MacDonald
Associate Professor of Biology
Dr. Andrew Linsenbardt
Chair of the Division of Math & Science
Associate Professor of Biology
Waylon Hiler
Associate Professor of Biology

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