Intercultural Studies

As the world and workforce diversifies, there is a growing need to understand the social and psychological components of intercultural interactions. If you’re interested in working for global organizations or in international relations, it’s imperative that you enter the workforce with language tools, cultural adaptability awareness, and sensitivity to interacting with other cultures. The purpose of intercultural studies is to further your knowledge of other nations and groups, using your own culture to create connections and to interact with others.

Why a degree in Intercultural Studies from Missouri Valley?

You’ll examine how race, culture and other factors impact social interactions. Understanding cultural barriers and differences allows people around the world to interact and communicate effectively. With students from over 40 countries represented on campus, it’s likely that you’ll have fellow students in class or on your team from another country. We believe that this exposure to different cultures enhances your education and better prepares you for a diverse, global society. Although it’s not required, we recommend you participate in a study abroad experience.

Career Possibilities

  • Public Relations
  • Social Worker
  • International Business
  • Sociologist
  • Cross Cultural Ministries, Domestic or Foreign
  • Federal Government (CIA, FBI, Military, USAID, Peace Corps, etc.)
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (such as International Red Cross)
  • Teach Abroad Programs

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Social Work

Courses & Concentrations

Degree in Intercultural Studies

As an intercultural studies student, you’re required to take a minimum of 6 hours of foreign language; additional courses are taken in history, English, psychology, speech and strategic communication.  

Minor in Intercultural Studies

Our intercultural studies program helps you develop awareness of the skills needed to operate and lead in a multicultural society. A minor in intercultural studies adds value to any career that involves human interaction.

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