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Connecting to the Moval Network

  • Wireless Network
  • IT offers a high speed wireless network connection. Wireless connectivity is available on the entire campus.

  • Preparing your machine/laptop

  •    To prepare your machine, you must make sure it has the most recent updates installed. You can find these updates by navigating to "Windows Updates" on your PC or "Software Update" on your Mac.
       In addition to the most recent updates, you will need an Antivirus program. Many Antivirus programs are free (AVG, Avast, etc.) If you currently have an antivirus program but it has expired, you will need to uninstall it first before you install an up-to-date program. Having two or more antivirus programs on your machine is like having none at all.

  • Connecting your machine/laptop

  •    Once your computerís antivirus is up-to-date, you may connect to MVCís network. The wireless network will require a passcode, which can be found on the Orange paper each student receives in the mail. Once you are connected, open a browser (Chrome is preferred) and connect to the internet.
    Note: The wireless passcode will change every semester. Students will need to re-enter a passcode every semester.

    Connecting gaming devices

       Gaming devices will need to have wireless capabilities.

    Important Note: Personal wireless routers are not supported in the residence halls. If you are having trouble registering your electronic device, please have your MAC address in hand, call our IT office (660-831-4066) or stop by (TC 214).

    Google Drive

    Students have 30GB of space for personal use located in their Google Drive. The Google Drive is accessible from anywhere in the world! For more information about Google Drive click here.

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    Changing your Password

    Your username and password will give you access to the MVC Network, your MVC email and Moodle. You can change your password at any time. (We recommend that you change your password every month or so.) If you suspect someone is using your password, change it immediately. NEVER give out your password.

    How to make a secure password/passphrase

       Your password/passphrase requires a minimum of 8 characters. It also requires at least three of the following: one upper case character (ABC), one lower case character (abc), one number (123), one special character (!@$). It is recommended to use a passphrase as these are easier to remember and harder to crack. For example, "My dog has 4 legs!" would work as a passphrase. Spaces in the passphrase are recognized, so it will be typed as a normal sentence. Your password should not contain any part of your username or actual name. If you are changing your password, you will not be able to set it to the previous two passwords used.

    Change your password

       Go to the MVC Password Reset Portal from any computer to reset your password. For help using the MVC Password Reset Portal view the instructions here.

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    Technology Issues (Connectivity, Phone, etc.)

      Troubleshoot Network Connection

    • Windows Vista/7/8:
        Open Control Panel
        Choose Network and Internet
        Choose Network and Sharing Center
        On the left, choose Change adapter settings
        Right click on Wireless connection and choose Properties.
        The MVC network should be visible as MVC_Students
        Select MVC_Students and enter the password provided on the orange paper

    Computer Labs

    Missouri Valley College's Computer Labs are located in various locations on campus. They provide different services and technologies depending on which lab is visited.

    Labs are periodically monitored for illegal use of campus computers. Anyone that violates the Computer Lab Policy will lose network privileges for an extended period of time.

    Note: The campus computing facilities are closed during the college's scheduled holidays and breaks such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break.



    IT Staff

    • Jason Rinne, Systems Administrator
      (660) 831-4088
    • Martin Vanderboon, Online Service Coordinator
      (660) 831-4099
    • Keith Wheeler, Network Technician
      (660) 831-4066
    • Aaron Dickey, Webmaster
      (660) 831-4077