Study Abroad Program

Stories from Valley Students

Part of the fun of Study Abroad is telling everyone about your adventures. Here are some photos and messages from Valley students on Study Abroad.

Mandy Baker, a participant in the MOSAIC Summer 2010 program in London, stands in front of Stonehenge, 90 miles from London.

Valley students Mandy Baker, Sarah Webb, Kate Reuter, Raymond Banks, and Flannery Crump, participants in the MOSAIC Summer 2010 program in London, stand in front of the Tower Bridge.

Mandy Baker, Raymond Banks, and the rest of MVC professor Harold Hynick's theatre class, taught in London, stand in front of the sign for the production "Money," which they attended.

Mt. Etna

from James Justus, Sicily, February 14, 2006:

This picture is of me on Mt. Etna. We were on our way to our ski trip and we stopped on the mountain side to look around. The steam behind me is coming up from an eruption that happened a little less than three years ago. The skiing was not too bad, but much different than in the Rockies. School and classes are going just fine, and I am learning much.

This past weekend we went to Agrigento to the temples and sites that are there. I got numerous pictures from a friend that I will be getting shortly. The weather is starting to warm up a bit and does not rain nearly as much. As for my cooking class, that is still going well. We specialized in fish last week and tonight I am not sure what we will be doing. At the end of this month about 8-10 students will be heading off to Rome for a school trip over a four-day weekend. I am not too sure what all we will be seeing, but I know that things are pretty well planned out.

Earlier today, an Italian national news station was here to do a spot on our program through MCAS, but I am not totally sure what they did. I know they got close-ups of students hanging out at a cafe, and with me taking a drink of some Coke. Other students were interviewed in Italian about the program and school. So far the semester seems to be going by super fast, and it seems like I just got settled in, but we are already just over a month into it. I am still having a blast with this experience and with many more adventures to come.


Cassie Keenan and Jason Shoulders took a different approach for their travels over summer 2006. They did the "Abroad" without the "Study." As independent travelers, they earned no academic credits, but they saw and learned plenty. Beginning with a flight to London and moving on from there whenever and wherever they wanted, Cassie and Jason eventually saw much of western Europe. Besides London and Stratford-upon-Avon, they also went to Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, Bern, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, and several other cities.

Forbidden City

James Richardson went on a 12-day tour of China with the International Scholar Laureate program as part of the Delegation on Business. The photo above shows James in the square of the Forbidden City.


In this photo taken during her summer 2007 Study Abroad, Sarah Rodgers says, "Hello!" from a bright red telephone booth, a London icon recognized throughout the world.


Anita Timpani went to Spain for eight weeks in the summer of 2006 to study Spanish language and culture at the University of Salamanca. She traveled all over Spain and down to Italy, too. That's part of the fun with Study Abroad --- you don't have to stay where you go!