Study Abroad Expenses

Study Abroad programs vary in price according to their location, length of stay, type of housing offered, and number of meals and services provided. The price may also vary with the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the local currency.

It is vital that you do your own research and check it carefully. Regardless of where you go, you will have certain expenses such as airfare, tuition, housing, and meals. Check to see whether those expenses are included in the program fee or whether you will pay for them separately. Do not assume that expenses not mentioned by the provider are included in the program fee. Get a good estimate of the total costs and know how you will pay for them before you make a deposit.

The Study Abroad programs listed here demonstrate the different ways that companies package their programs. Some include airfare to and from the host country in the program fee. Make sure you know in which U.S. city the flight originates and how much it will cost you to get there. Most program fees include cultural activities, and some include excursions to nearby attractions or cities. Keep this in mind as you compare programs.

The Study Abroad programs shown below are examples of the hundreds available worldwide. Prices listed are for one semester. Full-year programs are available and generally cost less than twice the price of a semester. Summer programs, which are shorter, frequently run less than half the cost of a semester. These prices are estimates. Your actual costs may vary.

Examples of costs.....

Where: London, England
What: Summer in London Program, with courses taught by professors from member schools of the Missouri London Consortium.
How Long: 3 weeks
Cost: $4,500
Includes: tuition, housing, course excursions 
Other expenses: airfare, meals, textbooks, personal expenses
Program Provider: CAPA and the Missouri London Consortium

Where: Grenoble, France
What: Earn a Certificate in Business Studies or International Business from the Grenoble School of Management
How Long: One semester
Cost: $16,495
Includes: , meals, housing, excursions to London and Paris, transportation pass, computer facilities
Other Expenses: airfare, some meals, textbooks, personal expenses
Program Provider: AIFS (American Institute for Foreign Study);

Where: Adelaide, Australia
What: Your choice of available courses at the University of Adelaide
How Long: One semester
Cost: $10,775
Includes: tuition for 3-4 subjects, housing, university administrative fees, membership in the student union, overseas health coverage, four-day program introduction,
Other Expenses: airfare, housing, meals (housing with meals $5,200; housing without, $3,800), textbooks, personal expenses
Program Provider: Australearn,

Where: Tokyo, Japan
What: Take classes with Japanese and other international students at Sophia University; live in a Japanese student dorm or with a Japanese family
How Long: One semester
Cost: $18,800
Includes: tuition, housing, most meals, insurance, Hiroshima excursion, cultural activities
Other Expenses: airfare, some meals ($1,100), books and supplies ($400), local transportation ($150), personal expenses ($3,400).
Program Provider: CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange),