Customized Study Abroad

Study Abroad is compatible with virtually any discipline. Which overseas sites would enhance a course in your discipline? Would students benefit from visiting a financial center in Tokyo? Health care centers in Scandinavia? The theatre district in London? A newspaper office in Madrid? A dance studio in Prague? A police station in Glasgow? Dozens of reputable companies are in business to help you make the travel experience affordable, smooth, and valuable to your students. If you are familiar with the location you want to visit, you can make arrangements without a company, shopping around yourself for the best buys on travel and accommodation. See the Coordinator of Study Abroad for information on health and safety issues while abroad.

Any full-time, regular MVC faculty member is eligible to design a course in conjunction with study and travel abroad. If it is a new or special topics course, it must be approved through the customary procedures for each division. To incorporate a travel component into a regular catalog course, meet with the Coordinator of Study Abroad early in the planning stages for information and assistance. A great deal of print and online information is available.

Many colleges and universities offer study abroad courses on a regular basis. For instance, the Department of English at the University of Tennessee offers a Drama trip to Stratford and London every summer and a New York theatre trip over Christmas break each year. Valley can offer similar opportunities. All it takes are willing faculty and students.

The course you design can consist of time in the classroom at Valley followed by a trip to one or more cities abroad, or the entire course can take place abroad. The links below connect to several companies that can help faculty members design Study Abroad courses. Contact the Coordinator of Study Abroad for additional information.