Viking Games

Changing Campus Culture

Letter from the Director:

As old hands grasp a new position in office, similar to previous year's, things will change for the better for Valley student enjoyment campus-wide. Changes already include program names, types of events, number of events, and mostly representation of participants during events. The change of name from Intramurals to Viking Games was a simple visual change to help improve and promote Valley Viking pride. The change in the types of games comes from the great collaboration between students and the Student Affairs office to promote better campus-wide enjoyment. But perhaps the largest change is how groups and individuals will be required to represent themselves during competition. Participants will be required to represent their group and cause in a visually artistic manner to partake in Viking Games. This new level is achieved by either creating an original flag design or somehting as equally impressive on a Viking shield; not only showing immediate competition but self-awareness and pride.

Ashley Thomas
Viking Games Coordinator
(660) 831-4238