Viking Games

Changing Campus Culture

As old hands grasp a new position in office, similar to previous year's, things will change for the better for Valley student enjoyment campus-wide. Changes already include program names, types of events, number of events, and mostly representation of participants during events. The change of name from Intramurals to Viking Games was a simple visual change to help improve and promote Valley Viking pride. The change in the types of games comes from the great collaboration between students and the Student Affairs office to promote better campus-wide enjoyment. But perhaps the largest change is how groups and individuals will be required to represent themselves during competition. Participants will be required to represent their group and cause in a visually artistic manner to partake in Viking Games. This new level is achieved by either creating an original flag design or something as equally impressive on a Viking shield; not only showing immediate competition but self-awareness and pride.

Carl Lawrence
Intramural Sports (Viking Games) Coordinator
(660) 831-4238


Registration Instructions
Team Sports Registration Season Begins
Indoor Volleyball January 11-17 January 19
Indoor Soccer February 1-7 February 9
5 on 5 Basketball March 8-12 March 15
Flag Football April 4-14 April 5
Ultimate Frisbee April 11-17 April 19
Kickball April 12-19 April 23
Homerun April 19-25 April 30


I/V - Iron Viking Event: Iron Viking events are those chosen competitive games that would generally have a stand out player for each team to succeed. A t-shirt is awarded to the MVP of that Viking game!

C/E - Co-Ed Event: Co-Ed events are those games deemed safe enough to combine men's and women's competitions together as one to better serve many other aspects of the game and campus. Also these types of events are the only ones that obtain points towards the Valley Viking Games Championship Cup.

F/P - Free Play Event: Free Play events are those challenges that are either one-day events or tournaments that don't count towards any points in the Valley Games Championship Cup but are implemented for simple, quick entertainment in tight scheduling situations.

Games Offered

3-Point Shoot out - C/E
3x3 Basketball - I/V
5x5 Basketball - I/V
Badminton - F/P
Bowling - C/E, I/V
Charades - F/P
Dodgeball - C/E
Field Relays - C/E, I/V
Field Soccer - I/V
Flag Football - I/V
Golf Ball Drive - C/E, I/V
Home Run Derby - C/E, I/V
Horse Shoes - F/P
Indoor Soccer - C/E, I/V
Indoor Volleyball - C/E, I/V
Kickball - C/E

Obstacle Course Challenge - C/E
Open Gym - F/P
Pitt Wrestling - I/V
Poker Tournament - F/P
Powder Puff Football - I/V
Power Lifting - C/E, I/V
Sand Volleyball - C/E, I/V
Slow Pitch Softball - C/E
Snow Football - I/V
Table Tennis - F/P
Ultimate Frisbee - C/E
Valley Fitness Challenge - F/P
Video Game Tournaments - F/P
Water ball - F/P
Wrangling Rope Challenge - C/E, I/V
Wrestle Off - I/V