Parking Policy & Registration


All members of the Missouri Valley College community are expected to register their vehicles with the Department of Public Safety or the Division of Student Affairs. Vehicles should have a valid parking decal displayed at all times while parked on MVC property. Drivers are expected to follow state and local laws with regard to operation of vehicles; drivers are expected to adhere to posted speed limits, travel only on designated roadways, and park only in designated parking areas. Only authorized personnel are permitted to use the College-owned vehicles. The College does not assume responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked on MVC property.

Parking Policy Violations:

  • Not Registering Vehicle (1st offense: $50.00, 2nd offense: Tow at Owner's Expense)
  • Parking Outside a Marked Space ($35.00)
  • Parking in an Unauthorized Space ($35.00)
  • Parking in Grass or on Sidewalk ($150.00)
  • Blocking another Vehicle ($50.00)
  • Parking in Fire Lane ($150.00)
  • Parking in a Handicap Area ($200.00)

Repeated violations may result in loss of parking privileges on MVC property and/or disciplinary action. Driving on non-designated (i.e. grass) may result in additional charges for property damage. Vehicles may be towed without warning from fire lanes and non-designated parking areas, at the owner's expense. Abandoned vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.


Student Parking Permit Application
Faculty/Staff Parking Permit Application