Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is the hub for co-curricular programs and services at Missouri Valley College. Under the leadership of the Dean of Students, the Student Affairs staff strives to make MVC a welcoming, inclusive, and engaged campus community. For more information on any of the programs or services, visit the webpages listed below or contact us at (660) 831-4000.


Programs & Services

Counseling Center

About: The Counseling Center supports the academic mission of the College by providing services and programs designed to help students maintain their emotional well-being in order to achieve their educational success. The mission is inspired by the values of the compassion, diversity, social responsibility, integrity, and accountability of individual students while also focusing on the milieu of the entire campus community.
Office: Baity Hall, Room 108
Staff: Teresa Ceselski (Campus Counselor)

Ferguson Building Coordinator

Office: Ferguson Center, 2nd Floor (Student Affairs Office)
Staff: Devon Wade (Coordinator)

Greek Life

About: Greek Life offers students the opportunity to join local chapters of national social fraternity and sorority organizations. These organizations, although varying in history and tradition, offer students the opportunity for brotherhood/sisterhood, service, and philanthropy. Greek organizations provide an excellent opportunity for social and leadership development, networking, and lifetime friendships.
Office: Ferguson Center, 2nd Floor (Student Affairs Office)
Staff: Heath Morgan (Dean of Students), Emily Fennewald (Student Activities Coordinator)

Housing & Residence Life

About: Housing and Residence Life offers numerous living options for full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Options include traditional residence hall rooms, suites, apartments, and houses. MVC residential facilities are at the core of campus life. Encouraging a welcoming living/learning community is our top priority. Each area is staffed by an undergraduate or graduate Resident Assistant (RA) and Hall Director (HD). These staff members oversee the health, safety, and well-being of student living in that area.
Office: Ferguson Center, 2nd Floor (Student Affairs Office)
Staff: Brett Fuchs (Director of Housing & Residence Life)

Public Safety

About: The Department of Public Safety (DPS) provides safety and protection for the MVC campus community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Public Safety officers are sworn Police Officers through the Marshall, MO Police Department with full police and arrest powers. All Officers complete regular training as mandated by the Missouri Department of Public Safety's Peace Officer Standards and Training Program. The safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff is the Department’s top priority. All members of the campus community are encouraged to contact Public Safety anytime they need help or assistance.
Office: Ferguson Center, 2nd Floor
Staff: Karen Chevalier (Director of Public Safety)

Student Activities

About: The Student Activities program offers students engaging and fun co-curricular activities aimed at building community and encouraging social development. Programs are held throughout the week during the academic year. Activities range from movie nights to speakers, bingo to the dating game. A number of student clubs and organizations are also active on-campus. These organizations are completely student run and vary in mission.
Office: Ferguson Center, 2nd Floor (Student Affairs Office)
Staff: Emily Fennewald (Student Activities Coordinator)

Student Conduct

About: MVC strives to provide a safe, respectful, and responsible campus community. To aid in this effort, the College has established a Code of Conduct that all students are bound. Those found responsible for violating the Code may be face disciplinary sanctions. The current Code of Conduct can be found in the yearly student handbook.
Office: Ferguson Center, 2nd Floor (Student Affairs Office)
Staff: Heath Morgan (Dean of Students), Karen Chevalier (Director of Public Safety), Brett Fuchs (Director of Housing & Residence Life)

Student Health Services

About: Student Health Services provides acute medical care for students, faculty, and staff at MVC. Staffed by Nurse Practitioners/Advance Practice Registered Nurses, the office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday - Friday, during the academic year.
Office: Ferguson Center, 1st Floor
Staff: Diane Weinreich (Campus Nurse), Susan Vogelsmeir (Campus Nurse)

Viking Games (Intramural Sports)

About: Viking Games provides students, faculty and staff an out-of-the-classroom opportunity to interact through a variety of team-based sporting events. This co-curricular program focuses on MVC's dedication to social responsibility by fostering a fun and competitive atmosphere on campus. A variety of games are held each week ranging from indoor soccer to sand volleyball.
Office: Ferguson Center, 2nd Floor (Student Affairs Office)
Staff: Ashley Thomas (Intramurals Coordinator)

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